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Merrick Preparatory School

"The teachers do have great expectations for their students."

Helen Phan - Student   (Mar 10, 2022)

It's nice. I love the place because of the love, spirit, and pride I feel when I'm in the building; it feels very "homey." The school treats the students as if they're family and they always strive better for their students as they focus on developing critical thinking, enhancing our creativity and making sure no one is left out. When I'm in the classroom, the classroom environment feels very supportive, the teachers make sure to engage us and that no one is left out on classroom activities; I f... View full review

"The teachers here at Merrick are all fantastic, organized, and committed."

Elisa Hopkins - Student   (Feb 14, 2022)

I was awarded a scholarship to Merrick Preparatory School for Grade 9 as a day student for 2021-2022. So far, my experience has been exceptional: the teachers are involved and always available, the facilities are lovely, and there is no shortage of school and community spirit. There are plenty of opportunities within the school and local town of Merrickville to get things like volunteer hours and feel involved in the community. I like how the days are structured, especially the tumbling schedule... View full review

"The school has a positive reputation of helping students get into their desired university.

Juan Carlos Uscanga - Student   (Aug 17, 2021)

As an international student first arriving to Ontario, the school helped me a lot in overcoming the culture shock that comes with being a foreigner. Due to the fact that the students in the school are mainly international, you truly live the experience of meeting people all around the world. Getting to know the staff and the students and to feel comfortable with them is a must for the school, and they achieve this by having school activities throughout the school year. Out-of-school life is pre... View full review

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