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Reviews of Académie Westboro Academy

Ottawa, ON  |  Grades JK - 8  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Leadership

Honorata Bittner - Parent   (Nov 02, 2021)

I have two children at Westboro Academy that have been there since JK. The school offers a very welcoming and supportive environment that is inclusive and tailored to children's needs. My children appreciate the culture of compassion and acceptance that the school offers, the small class sizes allow for meaningful child/teacher interactions, the overall structure of the program in a bilingual approach allows the children to be fluent and confident in both official languages. in addition to the culture, environment and academic approach, the new school location offers spacious classrooms with many in-class tools, the access to the adjacent park also allows for good outdoor experiences for all the children. In summary, my children appreciate the culture of compassion and inclusiveness, the academic approach and the state-of-the-art learning environment.

Rob S - Parent   (Nov 02, 2021)

Our son had a great experience at Westboro Academy attending from junior kindergarten through grade 4. The teachers were all wonderful and his French proficiency was fantastic by the time he left. Being a small school with one class per grade level led to a strong community feel and all kids and teachers across the school had the opportunity to get to know each other. With a recent change of facilities the school now has plenty of space including large classrooms, a gym and access to park and field space. Junior and Senior Kindergarten years were conducted wholly in French and subsequent years were half French and half English using a mix of Quebec and Ontario curricula. The academic program is extremely strong and students who move on at any level can expect to be well-positioned for success at any subsequent school.

Maxim Froeschl - Student   (Jun 30, 2021)

I love Westboro Academy. As the year passes by, you get to know most students as the community is very small. Although some may see the low number of students and classes as a bad thing, you really get to make some life lasting friendships with your classmates, and other students in the school. Another pro of the small community and low number of students per class, is that the education one gets is tapered to what is best for you. For example, if you are struggling in a certain subject or having a hard time understanding a lesson, you can always feel free to email the teachers or reach out to them in person to help you understand the work covered. Honestly, if there is one thing that I wish I had known when I started at Westboro, it would be that I should enjoy every minute I spend with the amazing group of people you are with as the time flies by, and you wish you could restart your time at the school.

Michelle Schira Hagerman - Parent   (May 27, 2021)

This has been our daughter's first year at Académie Westboro Academy, which means that her experience, so far, has been framed by the global pandemic and all of the disruption that this has caused in systems of schooling. That said, in the face of extreme challenge, our daughter's experiences at AWA have been very positive. She is receiving a great deal of academic support from her teachers and through additional resource supports that the school put in place to meet her needs in math and French; she has made new friends, and has delighted in all of the ways that the school has tried to maintain some semblance of "normalcy" despite the pandemic context. She is part of a house, she ran for student government, she participated in the science fair; guest speakers have joined her classes via Zoom, and the academic program has continued to include visual arts, music and physical education even during phases of remote learning. Although our daughter has found the academic transition from her neighbourhood school to AWA challenging, she has also discovered new strengths that she didn't know she had, and is coming to know herself as a learner in important ways that will help her overcome challenges in the future. On balance, we think this has been a really successful year for our daughter.

Danika G - Parent   (May 27, 2021)

My child has attended Westboro Academy since junior kindergarten. He has developed close friendships with his classmates and with children in other classes as well, thanks to the small class sizes and the sense of community that is experienced at the school. He likes the variety of classes and activities that they are exposed to there. There is a lot of hands on, experiential learning which he finds really fun. He particularly likes science class, with age-appropriate science experiments and guidance that he then comes home and shows us! He also really enjoys that the older students engage with the younger kids, so they learn from each other. And the school has a fun “house teams” approach where students from all classes participate in fun monthly challenges together.

Julia Albert - Parent   (May 03, 2021)

We have nothing but incredible things to say about Westboro Academy. The richness of the curriculum, the small and nurturing environment, and exceptional educators who clearly love their jobs have been a life–changer for our son. Having been looked over for years in the public school system, he is finally in a school where he is seen as an individual. He has been challenged, learned so many life lessons, and overcome preconceived notions of who he is not just as a learner, but as a person. The time he has spent at Westboro has actually made him excited about learning! The compassionate, respectful, and inspiring atmosphere at AWA encourages children to push their boundaries while simultaneously respecting their needs. Nowhere else have I seen teachers so personally attached to their students' success.

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