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Tuition is always a key concern of parents. The cost of tuition is set by individual schools, and varies widely. It is important to note that tuition does not necessarily cover all costs, and additional fees may apply for other resources or access to facilities at the school. Financial assistance of various kinds is sometimes available.

Tuition Fees

Day (International)$25,250$25,250$27,900$31,100$33,300
Day (Half day)$11,000
Day Day (International) Day (Half day)

What Aspengrove School says about their tuition:

We believe your child’s education is the most meaningful investment you can make. We also understand that choosing a school for your child is a big decision & that school fees can involve sacrifice. We are committed to making Aspengrove more accessible to families from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

Financial Discounts

Discount TypeEnrolment TypeAmount
2nd child (sibling)all students5%
3rd child (sibling)all students5%
4th child (sibling)all students10%

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Aspengrove School's need-based financial aid. Learn this school's average amount of aid offered, the grade levels it offers aid to, and the percentage of eligible families it offers aid to.

Grade range that need-based aid is offered: JK to 12
Percentage of grade-eligible students receiving financial aid0%
Average aid package size$0
Percentage of total enrolment on financial aid0%
Total aid available$0

Apply for financial assistance at Aspengrove School

Application Deadline: February 28  (Repeats annually)
More information:

Application Details:

This school works with Apple Financial Inc. for processing financial applications
Families apply for a bursary by completing a confidential application that is assessed by an independent third-party company. An award recommendation is made to Aspengrove approximately one month after receipt of the completed application. The school’s bursary decisions are made thereafter based on a family’s needs and available resources. Applications received by February 28 will be considered for the first round of awards. Subsequent applications will be considered as funds become available. For application forms and additional information, please contact Nicole Carpenter in our admissions office. *Please Contact us to Discuss a Financial Aid Plan That Best Suits your Needs*

Merit-Based Financial Assistance

Aspengrove School's merit-based scholarships. Learn about the different types of scholarships this school offers, how much they're worth, and their application details.

This information is not currently available.

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