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Topic: Academics

Meave Mastracci - Parent   (Dec 10, 2018)

The academics are so relevant and well-applied. The kids know why they are learning something and are using this knowledge to relate to and understand real-life situations. My son's confidence in himself and his abilities has completely turned around and I am beyond grateful for that. APA has INSPIRED my son to learn outside of school, on his own time. He has cultivated a very clear vision for his future and is already taking steps to better himself (in knowledge & experience) so that he can be & do what it is he feels he is meant to do with his life. The students are constantly introduced to new and relevant topics and concepts. I absolutely love having conversations with him about real world and real-life problems or events and hearing his perspective and thoughts on things. His confidence has grown so much in the short time that we've been at APA.

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François LeFantôme - Student   (Nov 06, 2018)

I personally believe the work is easy, however there is an average amount. I think that in certain subject we will use it later in life, but other things not. I will say they have all the curriculums up to date and care a lot about our education. Honestly I enjoy the work, its fun and simple, also help is always available. Lessons are extensive and always have all the things that we need to succeed and complete the following lesson/worksheet. The projects and assignments we do are fun and are usually hand-on. They help me learn about my surroundings and community here.

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Patty Keele - Parent   (Nov 19, 2018)

I have had two children at APA. My son was extremely well-prepared for high school when he graduated from grade 8. He knew what to expect and how to work independently. He had already covered quite a bit of the curriculum in grade 9. He is now at Queen's and thriving. Both my kids are very strong academically. They we challenged and pushed in a gentle, respectful manner. They were encouraged to be leaders and contribute to the school community. The academic level at APA is very high. The children are involved in various activities during the day to make learning engaging. They put on plays, build models, do interesting art projects all to increase their participation and learning. One year the teacher brought in butterfly larvae and they painstakingly watched them hatch into butterflies.

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Tunde Nyarfadi - Parent   (Feb 21, 2019)

The school is academically challenging for my son in a positive way. We see his confidence soaring, he is gaining knowledge in every subject. There are appropriate and balanced learning activities inside and outside of the classroom. We can easily follow the curriculum through my son's everyday work that he brings home from school and his test. We have discussions everyday about what he is learning, what he is working on. I am ecstatic to see how motivated and keen he is to learn, not just what is in the curriculum, but about what goes on around the World. They are not only focusing on the academics, but schools is also giving special importance to making sure that the children learn to become caring, kind humans beings through charity initiatives that APA supports.

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Sharron Robert - Parent   (Mar 19, 2019)

I have to say that the academic program at APA is certainly one that has given my daughter her love of learning after it was so lost from her previous school. She started APA at the end of grade 6 and has “sky rocketed” since- to a child that loves to learn and is taking responsibility for her learning. APA gave my daughter that confidence. The only problem that the children and parents have is that APA only teaches to grade 8. Not one child OR parent wants to leave the school. What does that say in and of itself? My daughter was afraid of going to school until I enrolled her in APA and after I made the decision to put her in private school ....the change in my daughter was incredible! She has now become a child that loves school, loves her academics and has many friends and will accomplish her dream when she felt AND was told her dreams will not be possible for her. APA reassured her that her dreams are possible.

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