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Topic: Community

Meave Mastracci - Parent   (Dec 10, 2018)

We are newer to the school and I have had little interaction with the parent community. The few parents I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to have been lovely people who brought their children to APA for similar reasons and we instantly connected as a result. APA regularly hosts a breakfast and character in education assembly that we enjoy going to as it gives us the opportunity to meet other parents and get to know more of the community. There are many wonderful parents who volunteer regularly with the school, as well as parents who attend sports events, etc. I don't feel that APA is missing anything - the opportunities they provide for parental involvement & interaction are ample. Although much of the APA community is made up of higher-income families, there is little evidence of this amongst the students in terms of differentiating from one another. They all dress the same. They all follow the same rules. They're all encouraged to do their best.

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François LeFantôme - Student   (Nov 06, 2018)

The school does feel like a home for me. From the teachers, the students, to the administrators at all, I love the nice family we have here we all treat each other like brothers and sisters and treat this place like a second home. We stick up for each other and have their back, the people we meet here are life long friends we will carry out through high school. We hold events and celebrate each others positive behaviour which i love. The Aurora Prep family is one of the strongest families I know.

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Patty Keele - Parent   (Nov 19, 2018)

The families at APA are kind and involved. I have really enjoyed the people I have gotten to know through the school. There are a number of areas that parents can help out in. They are always welcomed into the school. The parents are generous with their time and skills. They volunteer in a number of areas, not just fundraising. I was able to come into a grade 8 class and teach them how to knit. They ask parents to come and speak to the kids about their interesting occupations. My son has been asked to come back and speak to the grade 8's about his experience in high school. The school offers a Date Night a couple of times a year. They allow you to drop the kids off (siblings included) on a Friday night. They have a number of fun activities for the kids and parents get to go and have a lovely, uninterrupted adult meal.

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Tunde Nyarfadi - Parent   (Feb 21, 2019)

My son joined Aurora Preparatory Academy this school year. Based on our experience the community is amazing. The school organizes breakfasts - the staff makes pancake breakfast a few times a year for the school community - assembly mornings, Christmas sales, concerts, family ski days, where the parents have the opportunity to get to know one and other. I already had the pleasure of meeting many amazing parents at these fun events, and through volunteering opportunities. A good number of parents volunteer on regular basis helping with events, or just assisting the students on their annual skating and swimming trips which is part of the curriculum, to the nearby community centre. Moms reach out to one another to help out, or just to get together for a coffee.

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Sharron Robert - Parent   (Mar 19, 2019)

From the moment my daughter started at APA we felt like we were part of one big family. I have never felt that way in any school my daughter was in. My daughter felt the same and this closeness really brought out the very best in her. Her confidence and grades really showed that this is exactly what she needed. She never felt out of place and was never again shy to ask questions for fear of being centered out. That just doesn't happen at APA! My daughter felt so safe and it showed in her grades. She is in Grade 9 now at a public school (school of the arts) and she was accepted into this school because of the dedication of APA that gave her the confidence to try sports, theatre, music, art. APA gave her the opportunity to try everything. This gave her the confidence to try out for Theatre school. My daughter loved being part of the amazing plays that Aurora Prep put on at the end of the year. They are truly something you must see. So much hard work go into putting on this world class performance and such a sense of accomplishment for the children. The school does this for the children. It is a lot of work but they pull it off with grace like there is nothing to it. Just another little bonus and something else to look forward to when you join APA.

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