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Topic: Teaching

Meave Mastracci - Parent   (Dec 10, 2018)

The teachers take the time to understand each student, rather than trying to fit them all into the same box. They help, support, teach, guide and encourage the students to go beyond what is expected of them. The communication between parent & teacher is second to none. Some strategies were suggested to us by my son's tutor and as well his paediatrician - after one email, these strategies were being implemented and the positive results have continued to be communicated with us at home, by our son, and by the teacher(s). The report cards are unlike anything we've ever received through the Catholic or Public school boards. The students receive a grade for their effort as well as a grade for their work as a finished product. In addition to this, the comments are written in such a way that it's appropriate for both parent & student to review together - clearly outlining what they are great at, and where they may need to spend some extra effort, all in a very positive and encouraging way.

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François LeFantôme - Student   (Nov 06, 2018)

I think the teachers are the greatest part about this school. When I moved to Canada I had one very special teacher called Mr. Page who made sure I felt welcome in every which way, still to this day every morning before homeroom I head over, for a couple of minutes, and chat with him. I know that he expects the most out of me and I know he is supporting me the whole way. All the teachers here expect a lot and know just what we can achieve and give us that push to go out there and get it. They give us many life lessons and talk about successful people and help us achieve more. Thank you Mr. Page for helping me achieve my goals, you support me, and help me in every way.

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Patty Keele - Parent   (Nov 19, 2018)

The teachers are extremely hardworking and experienced. They were able to keep both of my children engaged and challenged. The teachers send regular feedback and are always available for a chat if one is required. APA has an open door policy that fosters strong communication between teachers, parents and students. My kids have had some extraordinary teachers. There have not been any teachers that I was dissatisfied with. Some of the teachers have decades of experience and others are new and eager. Both offer great things. The teachers take a keen interest in their students, going above and beyond. I am always struck how enthusiastic they are when a students brings up something they would like to do. They try to say Yes far more than No.

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Tunde Nyarfadi - Parent   (Feb 21, 2019)

The teachers are passionate at APA and have a contagious energy that reflects in students' performances. The teachers are knowledgeable, and they work on individual levels with the students if it is necessary. Every student learning skills are evaluated and they all get the appropriate help. They encourage risk-taking while creating a supportive environment that rewards not just successful ideas or initiatives but effort as well, no matter the outcome. Constructive feedback is always provided. My son's report card was well-written, it almost felt like a letter telling us about his school life. It felt very personal compared to the cookie cutter report card of the public system. We were taken aback the way my son's teacher composed the feedback. I feel my child receives appropriate and required academic challenges and support from the school.

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Sharron Robert - Parent   (Mar 19, 2019)

The teachers are above and beyond the call of duty in my experience. My daughter went from being terrified to go to school to in only two months loving school and wanting to learn. She actually wanted to do homework again! A private school was all new to her to make sure her uniform was in perfect order and the code was followed. This was a big change for her especially when she was already dealing with leaving all her friends at her old school. But my daughter embraced the uniform and was very proud to wear it out in public and her new school gave her a new appreciation of responsibility and a new found love of her academics. As a parent to see your child excel like this in only a few months is beyond words for me.

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