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Interview with Blyth Academy Mississauga Alum, Simran Punjabi

  • Name
    Simran Punjabi
  • University (major)
    University of Edinburgh (Psychology and Business)

Simran, an alumna of Blyth Academy, talked about the school's supportive community, focused academic structure, and extracurricular opportunities. She appreciated the personalized education, leadership growth, and the efficient transition to online learning, emphasizing the importance of student initiative for a fulfilling high school experience.

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Highlights from the interview

  • One really big reason for me coming to Blyth Academy is because I really liked the way that they structure their year and their timetable. Blyth's flexible timetable and the night school and summer programs offer great opportunities for students to manage their studies effectively.

  • In three words, as a person, I'd say Blyth is very welcoming, very focused, and fun. So welcoming in the sense where, especially in our staff, our guidance counselors, Secondly, focused, I'd say, because of the way it's very focused academically. And fun in the sense we're a very small community, and it is fun if you can make it fun.

  • My involvement with the student council was significant for me, because it allowed me to establish myself and get involved even in a small community. We tried to get a lot of things going, hosting events and engaging in Model United Nations. I've been really into student politics since Grade 9 in my other schools and in Blyth.

  • At Blyth Academy, I got an opportunity to actually study subjects like Families in Canada and Business Leadership. This curriculum helped me make decisions about my future academic pursuits. The courses encouraged me to analyze topics from multiple perspectives, which geared me towards a deeper interest in psychology and business. I'm still deciding which one I want to go into, but I'm grateful for the courses that allow me to explore both.

  • Another big thing I hadn't seen in other schools was how Blyth's year is structured. Instead of having two semesters with four classes each, they have four semesters with two classes each. This structure, along with the Foundations period, allowed me to focus more on my subjects and helped me academically, especially in Grade 12. It made the school year less monotonous and facilitated meeting new people and making new friends.

  • I would recommend Blyth to other students, especially for those who are academically inclined. The smaller class sizes and supportive faculty create a perfect environment for achieving academic success. I'm thankful for the school's accommodating and nurturing environment, which has been crucial in navigating the senior year and preparing for university.

  • My one piece of advice would be not to worry too much about academics as working closely with teachers will ensure that's taken care of. I encourage students to take initiative in creating school spirit and getting involved in the community, as it significantly enhances the high school experience at Blyth Academy.


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