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REVIEW OF Braemar College BY Alum, Kevin Varghese

  • Date of Review
    October 05, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - 12
  • University (major)
    York University

(5) Overall Experience

My experience at Braemar was truly wonderful. Being an international school situated in the heart of Toronto, I was able to grasp and engage with people from around the world. The teachers are helpful and filled with knowledge about the subject that they teach as they make you think outside of the box. Braemar holds a special place in my heart as it has taught me how to engage critically and analytically through a variety of courses that it offered. I am happy to say that even after all these years, my friends from Braemar have always been there for support. Students who enroll in Braemar will be glad to know that they will be spending their time in a nurturing environment that is always there to help!

(5) School Leadership

The administrative body at Braemar is always there to help. The guidance council have helped me gain courage in myself and helped me grow to be the confident person that I currently am. The friendly nature of the faculty recognizes the different needs of students and understand how hard it is for international students to be away from home. The highly skilled administrative team identifies and troubleshoots whenever students need help and helps them organize their courses that fit their future goals.

(5) Teaching

They have helped me navigate my passion and help fuel my interest in the field of International Relations as well as academia. The teachers were always there to help and were very knowledgeable with the material that they taught. Teachers at Braemar were very friendly and nurture a sense of trust and mutual respect with their students. They have helped me gain a critical understanding about a variety of socio-political issues that are happening all around the world and bridged me perfectly into going into university. They provide constructive feedback and always make you feel like you want to shoot for the stars. Mr. Onave, my teacher for geography and world issues imparted knowledge that I still cherish to this day as he helped me lay a foundation in trying to understand the world.

(5) Academics

The academic program at Braemar is set up in such a manner that helps students achieve a successful future. Students are able to choose courses of their own liking with the guidance of the administration along the way. I was personally able to pick courses that helped me achieve my goal of getting an admission to the International Studies (International Relations) program at York University. The student body is responsive and helps you think and rethink academically. When I was a part of Braemar, many of my peers had a sense of friendly competition that motivated me to achieve my goals and nurture a sense of understanding and camaraderie within competition. Braemar has helped me advance my oratory and writing skills that help me achieve great success in all the course work that I am doing in university.

(5) Extracurriculars

Even though I was not that great in sports initially, I used to look forward to sports nights and events. I can happily say that my current love for basketball and football had roots in Braemar. Other activities like themed Fridays were really fun and executed well by the student body. I had fun as an organizer of the event and learned so much from these that I currently hold the Operations Manager position at an organization at York University.

(5) Students

Looking back at all the things that happened at Braemar, the one thing that always made me feel like home was that the student body consisted of people from all around the world. I developed a sense of cosmopolitan views that made me appreciate the beauty of different cultures and languages. The school had real student leaders that knew what was happening around the world and gave critical insights whenever necessary. Many of my colleagues who were interested in sciences and social sciences went on to achieve great success in various universities. Empathy was a major quality that we all shared and adored. All of us used to get along really well inside the classroom and outside the classroom on various occasions. The students at Braemar are an energetic bunch.

(5) School Life

I love Braemar. I call it home for a lot of different reasons. I met people from all around the world that I connect with on several networking occasions. Not only did I love the student body, I adored the faculty members and administration. It was such a pleasant environment that makes me look back with a lot of nostalgia as I deal with the stresses of everyday life and university. I had a big confidence boost in my adolescent life thanks to Braemar. Being away from home can be stressful for a lot of international students but Braemar tried their best to accommodate all the students.

(5) Community

The Braemar community is a welcoming community. Even though we are all busy doing our own things and pursuing our goals, the alumni community still maintains contact and an open heart. As I was 18 when I transferred to Braemar, my parents trusted me enough to pursue my goals in the way I wanted and stayed away from my academics. But I can say that parents are always welcome to contact the management about whatever concerns they have. As for maintaining friendship after graduation, I can happily share that my best friends are all from Braemar as we decided to pursue programs in the same university. Braemar has helped me develop a great sense of love and empathy towards my friends and build great trust between them.

(4.5) School Location

The school is located right next to the University of Toronto Campus near Spadina and College and I know that a lot of my friends back then aimed for one of Canada's most prestigious university because of the proximity of the school to the university. Students have a lot of space to explore the downtown core and have fun with their friends!

(5) Admissions

I remember that the admissions team was really friendly and answered all my questions with a smile. The school application process was not stressful, however, for any international student the process of visa and study permit application can get quite stressful. The Braemar team was really helpful in providing me quick information and documentation that I needed to apply for my visa to Canada. The admission officers did their best to accommodate for my schedule and my arrival. They were in constant contact with me throughout my journey prior to my first entry into Braemar. I have to applaud the dedication and hard work in order to make students from all around the world feel like they belong and be appreciated even before actually meeting them in person.

(5) University placement and counselling

I was lost in my late teenage years as I had no idea on what I actually wanted to pursue in my post-secondary education. I have had several change of hearts before actually coming to the realization of what I actually wanted to do and study in university. The counseling team helped me narrow down on what I had to do and accommodated me throughout my journey at Braemar. The moment that I realized that I wanted a career in International Relations, I notified the counselling team who then made a schedule for me that works perfectly. Most of the courses that I took in Grade 12 were specifically tailored by the team to help me achieve my goal. Once I got my letter of acceptance to my first choice post-secondary program, I was thrilled and happy that I made it so far. I was even more excited when I came to know that I was awarded the York University-Braemar College award for academic excellence after I got my admission!


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