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REVIEW OF Braemar College BY Alum, Erika Gilmandinova

  • Date of Review
    October 06, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 - 12
  • University (major)
    Ryerson University/Hult Int. Business School

(5) Overall Experience

This school changed my perspective of the world forever. I became so open-minded that I never looked at things the same way. It's been almost 10 years since I graduated, but Braemar still has special place in my heart. I had recently finished 2 Masters from Hult Business School in Silicon Valley and I felt that It was really similar to Braemar! I will keep coming back to Braemar every time I visit Toronto! Definitely recommend Braemar to everyone for the international experience! Thanks to Braemar I now live in California and my happy life and company here! Braemar is a life-changing experience!

(5) School Leadership

Braemar college takes school leadership seriously! They even give you a chance to try it yourself in a position of a student council president, which I was. It gave me the opportunity to be the leader that I now translate into my own company. I am forever grateful for that experience and recommend Braemar to all my friends and friends children (most of them already went there). The Best President and a great friend Blair is very passionate about every single student and helped me the most with my choice for university.

(5) Teaching

The professors are down to earth close to students like friends. I do admire the empathy and patience they hold. I believe that professors play a big role in the education system and at Braemar they know what they are doing! I had learned the life skills that I really do use in life every day! Braemar is the school that transforms the education system forever. The other thing that stands out is that there is no top-down approach between the students and teachers that helps to build the confidence in talking to older authorities and encourages you to ask for help and learn the right approach to get what you need in life!

(5) Academics

Braemar college education system was really strong and got me fully ready for university! I feel I was really prepared for University life and took it with ease and calm instead of stressing out like other university students did during the first year. Blair had personally prepared me to face the 1st year and even gave me the course intake suggestions. While at university I studied well and believe that Braemar gave me the foundation to suceed in the student body. Thanks to the homework requirements, the endless motivation, and the continuous support I had received at Braemar, I graduated as the top 200 students at Ryerson University. Even though I wasn't from Canada I felt I was competitive to other students even though my English wasn't as perfect as that of Canadians!

(5) Extracurriculars

Thanks to the Student council there were plenty of options to gather together, meet students and learn about each other! Starting with the welcome dinner at the first day of school I felt that I was home. Braemar really take care of the student's wellbeing especially during challenging times like exams. There were plenty of opportunities to organize an event yourself - from volunteering to food drive, to a Wonderland trip - anything was possible at Braemar! With New Year parties and various activities and beyond.

(5) Students

I felt like I was with my big family! The international student body helped me create this passion and love for different cultures and have an extraordinary experience! The different cultures at Braemar really opened my mind to the rest of the world outside of Canada. After completing my OSSD Diploma I felt like I had studied all over the world without ever leaving Canada. Now in the Business world the international experience is more important than ever before and Braemar sets the greatest foundation!

(5) School Life

It was so fun to go to school that I missed it during the breaks. My parents felt that Braemar was completely safe for me in another country because they knew I was with my new family. I felt that I could share anything and ask for advice on absolutely any subject and I would have the best counseling I could ask for. The school life is busy with activities, events and volunteering! I loved to feel busy and included in all of them! I feel that learning how to organize and manage my time from the early years comes from Braemar! This skills now translate into my own business, but of course I still miss the Braemar life!

(5) Community

Braemar really takes it seriously. Building community is one of the core values of Braemar. The hospitality is on the next level! Every time my parents visited me in Toronto they immediately felt like home. They were always invited to the monthly performance events where the students get to showcase their talents. Both parents and students were happy to participate in such activities as it helped students to build self-confidence, public speaking and acting skills. Even though now its been years since I graduated from Braemar I still come to visit every time I come to Toronto because I consider them my 2nd family! I am really grateful to have had my experience at Braemar.

(5) School Location

Braemar is located in downtown Toronto right across U of T! What could be the better location for a school? Create connections with U of T in advance! We even went into some open days to U of T and had a chance to hand out with students from the U of T and ask all the questions we had about studying there.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process wasn't challenging but not easy either. It was just the right combination of qualities and multicultural experience! I found to be fair and very organized! I did a test before coming to Braemar and then another placement test as soon as I got there. It helped discover my skills and weaknesses and know what to focus my attention on. I do think that the admission process is really smooth and minimal to focus on only what's really important. The admission officers were really responsive and helpful at every step of the process. Adam is the best man to deliver the most value Braemar has to offer in terms of admissions. As a philosopher he gives the wisest advice and you are in safe hands with him!

(5) University placement and counselling

The university placement at Braemar was above and beyond any expectations! This one is the number one I still remember! Blair and Adam gave the best advice that I treated even more seriously than that of my family. They can read people well and make suggestions and help I couldn't imagine to receive from anyone else, given my family wasn't in Canada! I really respected their advice but being the stubborn person as I am, I didn't listen at first and went into the school that I wasn't a good fit for. Later I realized my mistake and found myself following their advice anyway. Another legendary person was Davon, the English teacher. He was so real about the cold hard truth of life that I live by his advice to this date!


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