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Topic: School Life

Anna Nemeth - Parent   (Nov 07, 2018)

As I had mentioned above, the school has a "motto and mantra" about striving for excellence in everything they do - our son is loving that and again thriving! It is a peaceful & positive environment in which to learn. He has been getting involved in clubs and athletic teams and really feels a part of his school. I really believe had he not been getting involved the Executive Director would have known and checked in with us. The staff are really involved with the kids and really know what is going on. They check in with us, as does his teacher, to make sure we know how he is doing - a direct contrast to what we have been used to at our other school. The parents have also been so welcoming giving us some direction and assistance as parents in the community.

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Rebecca Rooney - Parent   (Nov 06, 2018)

Our children love BHS. The supportive, loving environment that is created there has helped them LOVE to learn. This has been a priceless gift. Each year has brought small new challenges for each of them- whether academic, social or behavioral- and BHS has provided them with support and encouragement. They have been able to grow up to KNOW that they are capable, smart, interesting and VALUED members of the BHS community and that they are capable of anything. BHS certainly provides children with an amazing education and they are solidly prepared for high school. They have had countless opportunities for academic enrichment. It also provides them with confidence, a sense of how to be a great citizen, and how they can contribute to their community to make it a better place. BHS was the best investment we could have made for our children.

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Kate Rossiter - Parent   (Feb 21, 2019)

My children feel deeply at home at Braemar House School. They enjoy the kind of happiness at school that comes with a sense of security, comfort and stimulation. It is exciting as parents to see them grow into willing and eager learners with a real sense of love for education. The yearly routines are exciting - they look forward to participating in the school play, in special assemblies, whole-school lunches and events, and take pleasure in the day-to-day routines of learning. Being in a school with a big range of ages means that the kids can look ahead to when they are older and get to participate in different ways in the life of the school. They adore their teachers and they love their fellow students. Braemar provides the kind of school life all kids should be able to enjoy.

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Joe Restoule General - Parent   (Feb 28, 2019)

Every year we give our daughter the option to leave Braemar House School and attend school elsewhere. The incredulous look she gives us when asked if she wants to leave says it all. (Plus, we don't know what we'd do if she ever considered another option--we would want her to stay but respect her own choice and voice.) She absolutely loves Braemar House School. It has given her confidence, experience and a multitude of life long memories. We like how accepting and encouraging the school is, that it is a non-denominational setting, and has a variety of cultures represented in its student body. It could extend this diversity in its staff, which would only improve the quality of life for its students by offering alternate voices and representation.

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Becky Larmer - Parent   (Jun 24, 2020)

The overall quality of student life at Braemar is positive. We looked into Braemar when we were looking for a smaller school that had small class sizes and over the years we came to appreciate the way the school has grown from a very small school to a small school that has expanded their programs inside and outside of the classroom to reflect current trends. Our children enjoyed their years at Braemar and all that the school had to offer. They enjoyed the school atmosphere and all of the activities that the school provided. As alumni of Braemar, our children continue to enjoy visiting the school to see students and staff or attend events like the yearly school play. To us, that is a testament of their time at Braemar.

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