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Reviews of Braemar House School — Teaching

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Anna Nemeth - Parent   (Nov 07, 2018)

The teachers are so engaged with the students. Our son's teacher has set up her classroom in a "U" shape so all the kids are facing with each other. She has a great idea - if a child is struggling with a concept, they have a way of indicating this to the teacher without drawing extra attention to themselves and then the teacher can assist privately. They have "homework haven" where a student can stay at lunch time or break to get extra help on any matter they might be struggling with. Our son has needed some extra help as the academic level was much lower at his old school and at Braemar the educators are all on board and eager to help out our son achieve his best!

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Rebecca Rooney - Parent   (Nov 06, 2018)

Teachers at Braemar are incredible. Each is selected for his/her strengths and each provides a unique experience for their students. Our children, for example had grade 1/2/3 teachers that focused on developing strong reading/writing/math skills while introduced the ideas of homework time management and testing. They taught them to work in groups and communicate effectively with other students. They provided them with opportunities to be mentored by older students (reading mornings, math afternoons etc.). Behaviour and virtues are focused on in these early grades and patience, kindness and perseverance are taught about daily. Once our children reached grades 4/5/6, the teachers we had provided them with more homework, more responsibility and allowed them to have consequences for not getting work done! They pushed them to think 'outside' the box and ask questions about what they were curious about. Grade 7/8 were the best years! Teachers taught them to be tech-savy and they learned great time management skills (multiple projects on the go at a time). They read and wrote and had tests and homework. Our daughter was WELL prepared for high school. During this incredible academic journey, all BHS teachers touch base with ex-students and in this way, help their growth continue over the years. BHS teachers will not be forgotten in our household!

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Kate Rossiter - Parent   (Feb 21, 2019)

The teachers at Braemar are wonderful. They are thoughtful, creative and kind. They have done a great job of knowing and noticing our kids and their strengths and weaknesses and have responded as such. They are receptive to feedback and exciting ideas for programming. The teachers are beyond committed to the school community, each lending their unique talents to the school through enormous amounts of extra involvement. Their enthusiasm for the school and for the kids shines, and makes the school a very special place. There is ample communication, beginning with the administrators welcoming students and parents into the building each morning, and continuing with blogs, communication books and daily check-ins at pick up and drop off. The teachers are always present, and always available to help think through student challenges, big and small.

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Joe Restoule General - Parent   (Feb 28, 2019)

The teaching community at Braemar House School is definitely one of its greatest strengths. The teamwork across staff is evident and each teacher brings an area of expertise that benefits all staff and students. Dedicated French, Physical Education, Music and Visual Arts instructors ensure those areas of curriculum are properly taught at a very high calibre. The core subjects are a serious focus, and the staff work as a team to ensure Language Arts and Mathematics are a strong foundation of the students' learning. Academic expectations are high and students are challenged to exceed them, which has resulted in years of student data reflecting above grade level achievement throughout the school. The teachers maintain a joyful, loving relationship with students along with these high standards, so students know they are cared for, supported and valued for the amazing learners that they are.

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Becky Larmer - Parent   (Jun 24, 2020)

The teaching at Braemar is both engaging and enthusiastic. They have a good balance of outside interests that they bring into the classroom and extracurricular activities to engage the students. For example, they have teaching staff that are avid gardeners, have music/vocal abilities, culinary interests, and athletics to bring interest to the classroom. The teaching staff does communicate effectively and are very good at being available. One of the things that we liked most when we started at Braemar was the open door policy for communication, not only in communication from the teachers but the ability to come into the school to pick up your children. We felt that our children received both the challenges and support that they needed while at Braemar.

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