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Review by: Grace J - Parent (Feb 27, 2020)

"There is always a teacher available at the end of the school day to discuss your child's day..."

Student Experience

We just started at this school. My child loves the teacher and is always excited about going to school. The kindergarten teachers have a one on one approach which is super helpful for kids who need extra care and attention to function in a classroom. The teachers took a special interest to find out what works best for my child and develop age appropriate skills for school. For kindergarten students, they spend their day participating in age appropriate activities to build their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development other than academics. Reading, writing, math, and other studies are taught through games and activities. The ratio of children to teachers is small and allows for focused attention on each child. Every child is unique at BCA.

School Leadership

The school and other staff administration take time to really get to know kids, to make memories with them and impact them in positive ways all year long. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that everyone can relate with my child and also gives my child a sense of belonging. There is always a teacher available at the end of the school day to discuss your child's day if you have any questions and there is a prompt response to emails as well.

School Location

The school has a large outdoor space. The outdoor space extends very far back and perfect for hosting the community and school events. This setting feels secure and safe - which allows for outdoor play and special events. There is beautiful landscaping and a sandpit in the backyard as well for the kindergarten kids and they get to use their sleds during the winter under the watchful eyes of their teachers.


Volunteering is huge at BCA. Parents are encouraged to be a part of the parent community through lots of volunteering opportunities to choose from. Parents are allowed to freely choose activities that match their interests and also help the students to accomplish more. The school PTA this year has been great with open communication and inclusive by providing parents who find it difficult to be physically available to volunteer at school events with volunteering opportunities that don't require physical presence. The school PTA encourages parents to share their skills, knowledge, and experience while making a meaningful contribution to the community. Volunteering at BCA has helped my family to connect with other parents and also build lasting relationships with other school families outside the school wall.

School Life

My child loves the teachers and is always happy about going to school, and always full of smiles when we pick up. My child enjoys learning new things each day and is always excited to tell me about school every day. For children with special learning needs, meetings are scheduled with teachers and the school special education team to set up and continually revise the individualized education plans as he need arises. I appreciate that as parents, we can also request meetings with teachers, principal, or other school staff any time during the school year to talk about our child's progress. My child has made leaps and bounds academically and socially. My child feels safe, appreciated by the teachers and class friends. The staff inculcate good values in students.


I am impressed with the quality of instruction at BCA. The kindergarten teachers are passionate and communicate effectively with the students. The teachers encourage children to participate in a broad spectrum of class and school activities. Teachers communicate through weekly newsletters, send and reply e-mails. Parents are kept informed about class activities throughout the school year and the teachers are always willing to talk about your child's progress. I observe that the kindergarten student’s language and cognitive development, social competence, as well as communication has improved in the school year. I feel my child is being provided with a phenomenal foundation academically, socially, and emotionally in a stimulating class environment. My child has a positive connection with the class teacher and is eager to learn new things.


The environment is steadfastly positive and built on a strong framework of shared responsibility to the school and to each other. Even though students are in different classes, they spend a lot of time bonding as a whole. The older children are excellent role models for kindergarten kids. The school provides lots of opportunities for older students to interact and provide support to younger students. I love that the senior kids can help younger children when the opportunity arises. The physical structure of the school, with a large yard, allows the children to mingle and play with students of all ages, abilities, and interests. There are special events throughout the year which allow students of all ages to interact with each other.


Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and events. The school has SOTA where the kids learn to play a musical instrument of their choice. Children also get involved in other extracurricular activities and compete with other schools at games and events. The kids also get to go on trips into the community, this has helped my child associate the school with pleasurable experiences.


BCA supports children through their unique areas of strength and develops academic materials that reflect their interests and motivations. Teaching methods are designed to engage all students and also adapted to help kids with learning challenges to be heard and validated. My child deeply connects with the visual art developed to assist with self-regulation and mindfulness skills. My child loves the reading and numeracy component of the kindergarten class and has developed very good reading and number sense skills through the creative approach of the teachers. Aside from the school curriculum that is taught, the children are encouraged to follow everyday routines, taught to be respectful, helpful, kind to one another, good listeners, caring towards their friends, and curious about the world and all of its wonders.

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