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Topic: Extracurriculars

Julie Indrigo - Alumnus   (Nov 24, 2021)

My experience at Cambridge International Academy was eye-opening because not only did I do school works but I had gone to terrific school trips and got to meet new people. I liked the teachers and how they understood my academic needs and interest. They always listened to my ideas and encouraged me to take more risks in class. Cambridge International Academy prepared me well for post-secondary education. I feel that the teachers at Cambridge spoke a lot about time management and organizational skills which would help when studying at a post-secondary institution. They provided opportunities for me to perfect these skills so that I would not feel overwhelmed with my studies after I graduated high school. I also thought the reflections after each unit helped me to better understand my strengths and challenges as a student and what I needed to do to learn more effectively.

Coco Li - Student   (Jul 21, 2021)

I miss my time at Cambridge International Academy very much. The teachers in the school were very patient. In class, the teachers encouraged students to express their opinions and ideas. And whether in class or out of class, the students and teachers were like very good friends, and we often talked about everything. We were able to trust them but knew they always let our parents know everything that was going on. It was all about making sure we were looked after properly. Before I arrived at the school, I heard that the host families that the school works with were very good. In fact, it is true. The host families not only made us feel at home, but understood that it was important for us to spend time with our friends. Not only do I have very good memories in school, I also miss my days when I lived with my host family.

Vijaya Dass - Parent   (May 27, 2021)

My children enjoy Cambridge International Academy. They feel safe and comfortable at school. The class sizes are small and that allows for almost one on one learning. However the school itself is spacious. They like their teachers and the activities they are asked to participate in. Due to Covid 19 the teacher to student ratio is 1 to 6 so the school population was lower. At the beginning of the school year, they were able to plan several weekly school trips for the students. The children enjoyed the salmon spawning expedition to Bowmanville's Creek Fish Ladder. There was a visit to Pringle's Farm where they went apple picking. Several other trips included the Toronto Zoo, the Greenwood Conservation Area and the Pickering Museum. There was also an impromptu nature walk where they spotted a beaver building a dam. They also enjoyed participating in a Master Chef weekly activity in school with all of the students.

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