Reviews of Briercrest Christian Academy

Caronport, SK  |  Grades 9 - 12  |  Shortlist


Review by: Barbara Potts - Alumnus (Feb 13, 2018)

Christian ethics

Overall Experience

The time spent with God is amazing. Through chapels, Christian Ethics, and other events like these students really get to dig into the word od God. They decipher what's truth and what's not. And life long friends are made here which is a huge bonus. Nothing really prepares you for what life can throw your way but if you lean on God like taught at CHS then you're golden.

School Leadership

Chs is a very no nonsense school, they are strict with their students and mean what they say. If you sign a contract saying you won't drink for example you better not drink. However, this does make everything run smoothly and the SLC works very hard to get the whole school involved with and at events.


The teachers are amazing, very professional and yet truly care about the students and the lives they live. They understand that highschool is no easy task. They do their jobs and do it well, to the best of their abilities. They certainly go above and beyond what other teachers would at another school.


Like all highschools I think the academics could have been better. They don't really teach skills that are applicable in real life. I don't understand when students are going to need the math, science, or history they "learn". I can't remember what I learnt in classes. I remember the fun teachers and students and activities we did. As for actual learning I can honestly say I don't remember what I learned.


At Chs they certainly focus on sports which is fine unless you aren't into sports. The sports are very well organized and host very strong competitors. They do well with this extracurricular.


Chs is a small school maybe 150 students when I went. This size is good though because students know each other and get along very well. It's a good atmosphere for sure.

School Life

I was happy to go to this school for four years and I am certainly a proud graduate. I loved seeing the teachers everyday and hanging out with my friends. Most teachers made an effort to make classes fun, they helped when asked and from this I think most students enjoyed going to this school.


Parents are encouraged to get involved with the school. Some teachers even have kids that go or went to Chs. A lot of high school graduates will take classes at Briercrest or live in the town for a while after graduating. I have not kept in touch with many students from the school.

School Location

If you can drive and get out of town then you can venture out. This school is located in a town of about 1500 people at the most and their isn't much to do in town. As for dorm life, I think they are pretty strict on where you can go, when and who takes you. I have never lived in dorms but have heard this.


Registering for Chs is never hard, their are people willing to help you and answer any questions you might have. The process is fairly easy and I can't complain.

University placement and counselling

I cannot say much about this. I don't know enough about how counselling works or university placement works at chs.

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