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Reviews of Briercrest Christian Academy — Community

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LOREE BUCK - Parent   (Jan 30, 2018)

Parents are welcome almost anywhere the students will be during the school year. The openness and inviting atmosphere is inspiring. Like most any other community, there are some individuals who are always doing, planning and carrying out the events that take place. But there is always opportunity for parent involvement - I have very rarely been turned down when I offered help. The surrounding community of families are always interested in the success of the high school and its teams, events and activities. Their presences on a cold afternoon in the fall to watch the high school football team is very encouraging for the players, and usually a surprise to the parents of dorm students who make it out to the games. I see community also in the way that the college staff, teachers and coaches are also engaged at the high school level - either in coaching, mentoring or otherwise supporting CHS.

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Maria Tunall - Student   (Feb 13, 2018)

the school builds their own community within the halls as well as the dorm. i’ve never felt more connected to my teachers than in leadership class. i’ve never heard students more distraught over a teacher fling on mat leave. we’ve become a family.

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Liam Tieszen - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

I did see the parents of my peers sometimes. They attended musicals and performances the students were in. I do communicate with my classmates now that I've finished high school.

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Emily Alexander - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

although i do miss my family, i always have someone to talk to when i'm lonely or homesick. there is lots of great support from the community as well. they raise money to go on mission trips and the students are allowed to go too. every sunday we have to go to church and the whole community shows up. its really amazing how all of caronport is christian. i feel included in some situations but i feel alone sometimes too. it depends on what people you hang out with and what opportunities you have. i went to riverside mission with some other people and we helped feed the less fortunate. im happy to see my friends and i find myself wanting to see my friends more than i used too. it gives me happiness now rather than annoyance.

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Barbara Potts - Alumnus   (Feb 13, 2018)

Parents are encouraged to get involved with the school. Some teachers even have kids that go or went to Chs. A lot of high school graduates will take classes at Briercrest or live in the town for a while after graduating. I have not kept in touch with many students from the school.

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Chiante Guretzki - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

There are lots of alumni connections in the school, especially from students who have gone on to start their own businesses or have even come back to work at the school. The school prays for its alumni and recognises them at events like grad. Parents are always welcome to attend events and games and encouraged to keep in the loop of their students by coming to things like Spiritual Emphasis. Since graduating the school hasn't been far away. I visit occasionally and chat with anyone I see who is still attending CHS. My class has kept together quite well and we tended to flock to similar schools, so my friend group is mostly CHS alumni. I've kept in contact with a lot of my teachers and find its wonderful to see them and chat with them.

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Cheryl Hepworth - Parent   (Feb 23, 2018)

I think the school is doing the best they can to involve parents. As a parent I know I would be welcome to be as active as I would like.

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Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

Parents are welcomed to attend school life, they are invited to sports games, and there are events out on for them to attend as well. The alumni experience i have had as a student has been with regards to sports teams. alumni would come and assist coaching on the sidelines in football games. It was a neat experience because they had insightful things to say as well as it was very cool to see students coming back, it shows how they loved the school. As an alumni it has been cool to be able to come back and be apart of things. Also at the end of sport seasons there would be a banquet for the team and often times alumni would come back and occasional speak and it was again very cool to see alumni coming back showing how good the school is.

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Rachel Leduc - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

This school feels truly like home for me, I love my mom and house back home but this is my true home. I have met such amazing people here that care for my wellbeing and want to be there for me. I feel like everyone is included and appreciated here. The teachers Care about you, The coaches care about you, The dorm Leaders care about you, everyone cares here. Being in this community is awesome because I feel loved and like I want to go to school, and that I want to go try new things. Even the families around the town of Caronport care for you. There’s a few families around town that I have gotten very close with, they invite me and some of my dorm mates, over for supper and talk to us, and are always there for us when we need help.

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Latricia Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

We live over eight hours away from the school, so we have not been involved in the life of the school as much as we would like to be. We are kept in the loop by texting and e-mailing our son and by receiving e-mails from the school.

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Andrea Walker - Parent   (Apr 05, 2018)

The involvement of parents is something that could be considered more. The community itself is a strong one that looks out for our children and other's children on a whole. We encourage each other in our parenting and often adults in the community speak into our kids lives through the churches and community activities.

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Vangie Brown - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

We are very involved parents. We also have kids who talk to us which keeps us in the loop about how things are going at school. When we have expressed our concerns to the leadership we have felt that our concerns are taken seriously and are dealt with wisely. We feel very welcome to be involved in our kids lives at school. We enjoy our interactions with all their teachers and have found them to be consistely willing to meet with us outside of school hours to help us work through issues. I love it that parents are invited to the spiritual emphasis week for an evening. I am sure that if I wanted to attend chapels I would be allowed. Parent-teacher interviews are moderately helpful.

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Eden Brown - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Although everyone is generally polite, there are very few students who actually take the time to ask how your doing. Only a very select few of the teachers will say hi by name of ask you how it's going.

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Maia Fawcett - Student   (Jan 31, 2018)

I have lived in caronport my whole life so I'm used to seeing the halls of the high school so that helps make it feel like home. However, I don't think everyone would feel that way because of the high standards set so that is why some people might not feel as appreciated as someone else would. Just because they might be at a different standard than the other person.

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Jenaya Langman - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

CHS has a very great school community. I was nervous coming to school at the beginning because I hadn't moved schools for a long time, but there are amazing, friendly staff that make you feel welcome, valued, and safe. Coming from a public school, being in this atmosphere with Christian views and teachers was very nice! It is really great to have teachers praying with the class at the beginning of the period, and that the staff really care about you as an individual. When entering a new school, it takes time to build friendships and to be more settled, but the staff truly make all the difference. I believe that the amount of time it takes for you to feel settled will vary on how often you've had to move schools, as well as your personality. I came this year and the school has definitely become more comfortable. It is also very nice that the high school itself is pretty small so finding classes at the beginning is easier. However, there are always staff and experienced students that are willing to help you find your way. The teachers and other staff, as well as some students, try to make sure you feel included. The chapels also help to unite the school community. There are chapels that involve just the high school, but sometimes the college and high school join and learn together. This strengthens the community feel. One thing that makes friendships more challenging however is not being in sports or living in the dorms. The people that live in the dorms have a lot more concentrated time together, so they get to know each other quicker. Also, the people on sports teams spend extra hours together at practices, games, and tournaments, so they get to know each other and form friendships quicker as well. Being in the choir is a great way to meet people from different grades, as well as to spend time doing something different than regular studies or classes together. Depending on what you are planning on being involved in or where you are living, you may feel a part of the community sooner. I did not realize the emphasis on sports at this school before coming, but you find students that you connect with even if you aren't involved in sports. Sometimes students go together to watch games and support our various teams as well.

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Debbie Jensen - Parent   (Jan 20, 2018)

My children loved that the school is associated with a college which shares the same campus. Parental involvement is welcomed but more opportunities could be provided. Given the fact that CHS is also a boarding school, it’s more of a challenge as a certain percentage of students’ families do not live in the community.

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LeaAnne Ramer - Parent   (Jan 31, 2018)

Because much of the student body lives in residence and away from their families, I have not really found that the school provides a lot of parent involved events. However we are always welcome to cheer our kids on at games and pop in whenever we can. I have never been disappointed.

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Britten Banerjee - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

The community was great when I was at the school and the student body being so small had the chance to also be very close. Parents were often encouraged to engage in the schools activities. In terms of the Alumni community I often engage with former classmates but not often is it encouraged by the school itself.

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Jaidyn Katzell - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

The dorms definitely feel like home now. The dorms felt very uncomfortable at first because I was extremely introverted but since I’ve been sharing a room with an extroverted person, I too have become more extroverted which has made me more comfortable around dorm and the people too. The school is very small so it feels like everyone is a family and that makes it feel very home like. I feel like the hockey boys aren’t included as much as everyone else. They are a very close group and I feel like they aren’t involved as much. I personally felt that at the beginning of the year, I didn’t feel welcome or like at home because I wasn’t a Christian. I feel like being a dorm student makes me feel more at home because when the collage and high school come together for meals and chapel, it feels like one big happy family.

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Taylor Doerksen - Student   (Feb 13, 2018)

I live in dorm so I have grown to know the school as a home

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Mark Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

Parents are very involved. It’s a welcoming, open community and as parents of a student that lives in the dorms we feel very connected to the school and community.

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