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Reviews of Briercrest Christian Academy — School Life

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LOREE BUCK - Parent   (Jan 30, 2018)

Our kids have loved going to school at CHS. For them, having grown up in Caronport, they would have felt like they had been put out to sea if CHS had not been their option. There were brief periods of time when the only thing missing from their school experience at CHS was the dorm life. For most of the years our kids were at CHS, the community group of students outnumbered the dorm group, so this didn't last long. A lot of the extra curricular experiences included all students together. For the most part, our kids didn't feel like they were short changed in their options. I feel like the sporting events, both at the high school and college level were a great way for the dorm students to rub shoulders with the families of Caronport. This community provides a very unique setting for the high school that adds to the care and nurture of all the students. The opportunity to be in the same context as the Bible College students also lends to the amazing atmosphere at CHS.

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Maria Tunall - Student   (Feb 13, 2018)

i would automatically take them to the chapel, that’s one of the statement pieces of the school, as well as holds some of the large events of the school. youth quake, refresh, chapel, HUGE events that characterize the school.

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Liam Tieszen - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

I loved living in the dorms; it was so much fun. I loved being. Door away from my friends and living with some college students. I made great friends in the college, such as Adam McNeil, Jayson Ens, and Jason Wednel. But a lot of kids hated being there. Often times they said it was a prison. They said their parents forced them to come and they didn't listen to authority a whole lot. This brought the positive atmosphere down. It ruined the experience for those who actually wanted to be there. I say you could revamp your application process so that only people who are passionate about going will go.

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Emily Alexander - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

if i had to take a group of people around the school i would take them to see the school itself first. i would take them here because lots of the school aspect happens there and seeing that its connected to the college is cool. there is a thing called experience briercrest where visitors can come in the spring and they are shown around the campus and they are allowed to sit in some classes going on to get a feel for the place. its a great experience for people who are thinking about coming in the next school year. they show you where you would stay in the dorm and where you would eat, where you would go to school, and the other areas on campus that you could spend time at.

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Barbara Potts - Alumnus   (Feb 13, 2018)

I was happy to go to this school for four years and I am certainly a proud graduate. I loved seeing the teachers everyday and hanging out with my friends. Most teachers made an effort to make classes fun, they helped when asked and from this I think most students enjoyed going to this school.

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Chiante Guretzki - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

I loved my high school career. Teachers and students and events all made it a wonderful and unique experience. School life included things like the chapel program and formal events and galas as well as the student government putting on spirit days and pep rallies. The teachers' enthusiasm helped to create a strong academic and spiritual atmosphere for the students and there were lots of plans and support systems in place (like tutoring) to help students succeed. The students were encouraging to each other in sports and arts and in the halls. There was lots of familiarity and safety among them and it was hard to feel out of place when students compliment and pray for one another regularly. There was a bit of a divide between dorm kids and not dorm kids just due to the nature of dorm kids living together and Caronport kids living with their families. But there were community leaders and dorm leaders in place to support both types of students and once classes begin or sporting games start, the divide goes away pretty quickly. I think there was a common level of stress that would be found in any high school. It's a stressful time. There are assignments and events, friendships and identities to figure out and learning how to balance it all is difficult, but the teachers in their regular prayer and support worked to help the students get through the stress. Spiritual formation events and weeks like Spiritual Emphasis were especially important to CHS school life. Those nights of focussing in on the Bible, praying and working through hard life questions as a school were incredible and always a hit with students.

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Cheryl Hepworth - Parent   (Feb 23, 2018)

My daughter really loves the school. I have 3 other teens that are boarding with us one of the girls is also really loving the school. The other boy in grade 9 and the girl in grade 11 are finding it hard to make friends. All of them including my daughter choose to come home for lunch because there's not enough town kids to have lunch with and they just end up sitting with each other or by themselves for the lunch period. My daughter is part of SLC which is great her lunch hour is shorter but she doesn't mind because of being part of SLC. The other 3 are not in choir or SLC. The dorm kids will of course be a tight knit group because of spending so much time together therefore it makes it harder for these kids to socialize with them. It would be great if the school could somehow allow all of the kids to be in the same place at lunch time.

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Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

Students overall enjoyed going to school there. This is made evident by the alumni returning to events. The teachers made classes fun to be a part of, they created an environment that people wanted to be a part of. The quality of life at caronport i believe was quite high. Students were only stressed around exam time and that is something that cant be helped. The leadership team planned events and school wide games for the student body to be a part of which helped raise moral, "gotcha" was always a crowd favorite. the school would become passionate about this game and everyone had a good time, even when you lost, I know because i lost pretty badly one year but the hype of the game made the whole school excited for the game, and being part of the spectators was engaging.

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Rachel Leduc - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I would begin with taking people to the Caronport High School office because the secretary’s are so friendly and caring, they ask you how it’s been going and want to see you do well. I would Than take them to meet our Principal, she is an amazing women of God, she’s caring and loving, she’s kinda like a mom for some of us students. Tours of all the classrooms and meeting the teachers would be next. After that I would take them to the bean and show them where they can eat and have coffee... than to the library because the library is such a relaxing and wonderful place to learn and hangout.. Last but certainly not least the point because that’s where everyone goes to hangout, meet up with people, and even do homework, and it’s a great place to go eat as well as get an amazing coffee.

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Latricia Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

Our son really enjoys going to Caronport High School! He loves living in the dorms and the friends that he has made at CHS. The school has a very positive feel to it. The student body supports one another by attending athletic events.

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Andrea Walker - Parent   (Apr 05, 2018)

There have been times he has enjoyed going, but more times he hasn't. This can possibly be improved in helping students find their sense of belonging, growing into them the importance of their value and self-talk and providing mentors one on one.

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Vangie Brown - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Our children dislike school. However, they are willing to go to school each day. I think it is mostly interpersonal issues that drive this dissatisfaction. Honestly I think my children would express this no matter what school they attended. I believe we could not ask for better teachers than those at CHS. I believe the leadership at CHS cares a great deal for the students and spends time, above and beyond the call of duty, to make CHS a safe environment, emotionally academically and spiritually, for our young people I think that high school can be a lonely and confusing time of life for kids who have struggles. Most of the kids at CHS have struggles. I think Caronport has an epidemic of bored, struggling kids who grow into lonely struggling adults. No school can solve this problem. This is honestly what I would tell prospective parents: If you are hoping that your struggling teenager will find a safe place at CHS, they will definitely find quality staff that care about them and opportunities to grow academically and spiritually, but unless they are socially and emotionally healthy enough to take these opportunities they may also find trouble. CHS is not free of trouble, it just all depends what your kid is looking for.

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Eden Brown - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

If I was giving a school tour I would take them first The the gymnasium. We have quite a large gym that is open a lot of the time for just playing free sports. Next I would take them to the Barkman Arena. This is were our high schools hockey team practices, and above it there is a fitness centre. This fitness centre is free to all students, and has lots of great equipment. Then I would take them past the school office where there is always candy waiting for the students! I would also show them Briercrest's library which Is also free to all students. I would show them our study hall, which has comfy chairs, couches and hot chocolate. I would also introduce them to all the great teachers.

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Maia Fawcett - Student   (Jan 31, 2018)

The school life is awesome. I would probably take them on a tour to my favourite teachers classroom because she is just really awesome and a really great encouragement in and through my life.

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Debbie Jensen - Parent   (Jan 20, 2018)

Both of my children loved their time at CHS. They did well academically with the right amount of support from teachers. They made life-long friends there. I have recommended the school to many people - several have sent their children and have had positive experiences.

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LeaAnne Ramer - Parent   (Jan 31, 2018)

My child loves CHS. He has found a home at this school and looks forward to going to school. I'm honestly not sure what I would suggest for change.

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Jenaya Langman - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

If I was asked to give a tour of the school I would show the visitors the spaces that the high school and college students share. I would show them the library because I really like it. It is a large area and has tables to work at, as well as comfy chairs to sit in and do work not requiring a table. There are different zones in the library regarding the level of sound allowed which I appreciate. There is space to work in groups and people able to talk with each other, but there are also areas with very minimal or no talking so you can concentrate on your work or reading without distractions. I like the calm atmosphere of the library, and I also think it is neat that so many students from years ago have spent time in there on their studies. I would also show in the high school an optional space for working is the Study Centre. There are chairs and tables to work at as well as a couch. During lunch time, some students eat in this room while no one is working. There are also different common areas in the building to go to. It is nice to have variety in the places you spend your day, so being attached to the college offers that.

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Britten Banerjee - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

To summarize the student life experience at CHS it really depends on the co-curricular activities that you choose to participate in. That is typically where the people you will be spending the most time with will be and those relationships determine your experience.

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Jaidyn Katzell - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

If the group of students were high schoolers then I would take them to the high school first. We spend a lot of time there and it’s a place that they will eventually need to get to know very well. If the students were dorm students then I would take them to the dorms and then the cafeteria. Most of dorm students time is spent in dorms and school so it would make sense if they were presented first. If the students were hockey students then I would show them the hockey arena and gym workout area first. That place is we’re they spend a lot of time and they will have a connection with the rink so I would show them the rink first.

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Taylor Doerksen - Student   (Feb 13, 2018)

I would first take them to the chapel because it is a main factor of the school. I would show them the library and the things that attracted the most people to caronport. Depending on what things they were interested in Example if they were hockey kids I would take them to the rink and the fitness Center but if they were musical I would take them to the music room. I would show them the school mostly and make sure they have a good understanding of where things are in the school. I would show them the schools little features like care cards and candy at break time. I would take them to the chapel first because it’s the biggest place on campus and attracts the most attention. For Christian people it’s a major factor as it is super nice

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Mark Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

We had known about CHS and Briercrest forever but never really considered it until we took a tour. We had looked at many different schools and none felt right for my son. The first thing my son said in the car after the tour was “I want to go here!” If it’s an option for sure take a tour and get a feel for the school. My son has been very very happy at CHS.

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