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Liam Tieszen - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

The atmosphere was nice. Most everyone got along, but some people had some pretty serious flack with others. Overall though I was friends with most people. Sometimes I felt alone but I always had close friends that stuck close by.

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Chiante Guretzki - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

The student body of CHS is small compared to other schools. There was probably about 120 students while I was there with 50 of them in grade 12. I've never been to another high school, so I don't know how typical this is, but it was often hard to tell which grade students were in as the grades mingled and mixed quite a lot. Its not uncommon for grade 11s to take grade 12 classes or for grade 9 and 10s to hang out at lunch or in the halls. From my perspective the students are friendly. Everyone knows everyone else and friendships span across the grades. I would say the typical student was glad to be at CHS and was proud of their school, was willing to grow in their faith and was more or less working hard at their classes. I think the student body held to very typical "Canadian" and "Christian" values. Everyone is polite and willing to lend a helping hand, they are generous and spirited for their teams and fellow classmates. We welcomed people into our school and adopted new people quickly into friend groups. There's a variety of students from people who live right in Caronport to people living in dorm from Saskatchewan and Canada as well as a significant range in international students from Asia. In my last year we had a group of First Nations come from their reserve in Ontario to the school and having them as a part of our school was amazing. I don't really know, but I would say most of the students come from middle class families.

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Barbara Potts - Alumnus   (Feb 13, 2018)

Chs is a small school maybe 150 students when I went. This size is good though because students know each other and get along very well. It's a good atmosphere for sure.

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Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

The student body was small but that was one of Caronport's bonuses. Since the school was smaller just about everyone knew everyone and people were quite friendly. There wasn't the typical high school stigma towards grade nine students. Sport teams didn't have the typical hazing but they encouraged athletes to have a better and healthier relationship with one another. Instead of the younger athletics being scared of the seniors they look up to them and sometimes make long lasting friendships with them. The typical student had a wide range of interests which gave an unique ability for students to connect in a variety of settings. Since the smaller setting of the school enables students to pursue a wide range of things. People have more than one value and due to the nature of the school people are able to pursue them.

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Britten Banerjee - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

The student body was very small and so you got to know each other very well just by roaming the halls and going to class. The school was also very diverse and had people from all backgrounds. Student life could get clicky as there was often separation between dorm kids and town kids.

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