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Review by: Rachel Leduc - Student (Jan 23, 2018)

"totally changed my life"

Student Experience

Caronport High School, totally changed my life for the better, I love it here. The environment is unique, It’s peacefully and safe feeling, You can do you, without feeling like your being judged 24/7. There’s definitely a tough workload but the teachers are always there to help, They actually want to see you succeed. that was one of the things that I found most refreshing here. One of the things that helped my choose Caronport High School is that it’s a Christian school, I love how no matter what class we are in, we are talking about God, I love it. We are not being judged by our beliefs and Values here, I am happy that we get to freely Praise our Lord Jesus Christ here.

School Leadership

All the teachers are amazing at what they do, I have never had such down to earth and Jesus like teachers and role models in my life. The teachers here truly care about you and your wellbeing, even when you don’t realize your struggling with a topic or subject, they are already asking you what they can do to help you succeed. The teachers here want to see you grow and succeed as well as go down the path that God has made For us. The EAs are fonominal as well, they respect you, even if your only a teenager, they still give you lots of respect which I believe helps you achieve more. The dean also is amazing, he is genuinely concerned about you and wants to get to know each and everyone of his students and be able to help them in anyway possible.


The teaching is amazing here, they expect a lot of you as well as give you lots of work, but they always give reasonable time to do it, as well as being understanding when you have to ask for a time Extension on a project. The teaching is definitely a little quicker than the last school I was in, but it’s actually nice to know that they believe in us and that we can handle it. There are lots of amazing courses to pick from. There is also these courses you can do that are put on by a program called correspondence, which you are able to do the course in your own free time, so during spares or after school, They are intense but so worth it in the end.


The work that is given to us is at a perfect pace and hardness, it’s nice because no matter what questions they give you on a test or quiz, they are always answers that you will know if you followed along in your reading and listened to the teachings. All the information that I have learnt I know will be very very helpful in the real world later on once I’m graduated and I’m so glad I learnt it here. The work that the teachers give you is always reasonable, and quite easy to work through if you put in the effort to do so. Another thing that I find interesting is they’re late consequences, It’s nice to have clean set rules so that your pushed to get your homework in and not to procrastinate your life away.


Caronport Highschool And Briercrest has amazing Extra-Curricular activities. There’s always some kind of competitive sport going on throughout the school year, as well as Lunch intramurals that everyone can play no matter what your athletic ability is. CHS also has programs like Drama and Choir for those people who lean more towards the music eye of things than the sports and being sweaty. CHS has something for everyone when it comes to extra-curriculars. There is also amazing athletic directors and coaches that lead all of these extra curricular activities. They are always there for you wanting to help you with anything you need. I Definetly wish there was some kind of art club where lots of people just get together to make art, or paint or even just to draw. I believe everyone has enough to do because so many things are offered


The students here are just like all teenagers. There’s bound to be drama no matter where you go, But here it’s different you feel safe, and I definitely didn’t feel as judged coming here. Lots of the students here are very friendly and open minded to new people and want to become your friend. I think that the more outgoing you are the more successful you will be, because you want to try new things, meet new people, go to the school activities. Also when your more outgoing you will make more friends, because your friendly and your inviting. The school atmosphere feels like a town because there is not a lot of kids so when a rumour goes around, everyone hears about it, or even if you do something, the next day everyone’s going to ask you about it, It’s good but bad all at the same time, But still recommend this school 100%

School Life

I would begin with taking people to the Caronport High School office because the secretary’s are so friendly and caring, they ask you how it’s been going and want to see you do well. I would Than take them to meet our Principal, she is an amazing women of God, she’s caring and loving, she’s kinda like a mom for some of us students. Tours of all the classrooms and meeting the teachers would be next. After that I would take them to the bean and show them where they can eat and have coffee... than to the library because the library is such a relaxing and wonderful place to learn and hangout.. Last but certainly not least the point because that’s where everyone goes to hangout, meet up with people, and even do homework, and it’s a great place to go eat as well as get an amazing coffee.


This school feels truly like home for me, I love my mom and house back home but this is my true home. I have met such amazing people here that care for my wellbeing and want to be there for me. I feel like everyone is included and appreciated here. The teachers Care about you, The coaches care about you, The dorm Leaders care about you, everyone cares here. Being in this community is awesome because I feel loved and like I want to go to school, and that I want to go try new things. Even the families around the town of Caronport care for you. There’s a few families around town that I have gotten very close with, they invite me and some of my dorm mates, over for supper and talk to us, and are always there for us when we need help.

School Location

Most people on campus, go to The nearby city for pretty much everything they need. There is not much available on campus just the basics, we have a gas station but it only has the necessities, even though it does have subway. It is also cheaper to get stuff in the city as well. It’s definitely recommended to have a car if you can do that you can do trips into the city when you need to. It’s also nice to have to go to the city because Than you can go for a drive, and most people car pool so you pile as many people as you can into your vehicle and go do fun stuff in the city which is so much fun. Lots of people go into The city at least Once a day because there’s more to do in the city and it’s just something to do for fun! The location is still very nice for this school.


The admissions part or the application part of coming to this school can be stressful because there is so much to do, but I definitely recommend that you do all of the application as soon as possible, don’t leave it because Than you don’t have as much motivation to get it done. But overall it wasn’t really a hassle to get it done. Just make sure that your being 100% honest about who you are, because they admire the different type of people that want to attend this school, they also want to help out as many people as they can. Another suggestion that I have is that you take yours, and you sit in on classes when you can because Than you know what kind of environment it is, and can feel the difference between past schools and this amazing faith filled school.

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