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Review by: Taylor Doerksen - Student (Feb 13, 2018)

"I have grown to know the school as a home"

Student Experience

I wish I knew that I could take classes of the grade level above because then I wouldn’t have to tal so many classes in grade twelve. It’s really nice that we can chang our classes easily and they mark everybody fairly. I wish there was more space for fitness as the Center in the rink is pretty small but still pretty nice. I wish the cafeteria served healthier food for athletes and people in general instead of so many carbs. Is super hard to eat healthy there because he food is all carbs and the vegetables aren’t very fresh. The coaching is super good, better than what I had before. There is lots of variety for sports and extra curricular activities because the funding is pretty good for those sorts of things I would imagine.

School Leadership

The teachers are super kind and funny and they don’t treat every student the same meaning they provide to different needs of each student. It’s super fair and they make class fun instead of it just being a boot camp. They are all different and do class differently instead of it all being the same. They genuienly care for each student that goes to this school and they treat us as equals. They respect us too so it makes it feel more comfortable at school instead of just being a student at a regular school. They involve God in everything they do and are really good examples to those who don’t know much about jesus. Even in sports God is included which has been super huge for me and sports and it’s just something extra that helps us in practice


I feel like the school makes college seem more realistic as they work load is a lot more. The school day is also pretty long and they don’t give too much class time for homework or school work so there is a lot of homework. I think they want us all to succeed and they make it clear that doing school work and using class time properly is a way to achieve this. They don’t slack on their students and it makes me also feel more responsible and reliable for my work instead of never having any homework. It gives me a sense of responsibility that I have to do this or I will get marks taken off. It’s a realistic amount of work considering that that’s how it is going to be when we go to university


The work challenges me to do and write more than I usually would. Having harder classes helps me to strive for my best even in subjects that I might not be the greatest in. The work is pretty good and it’s not too easy that I don’t have to try. I think some of the classes will be useful especially since in my grade I can take only the classes that I think I will actually need in the future instead of all the electives that I don’t need but am wasting my time on taking. Being able to pick your class is super important to me. Same classes to me are not very helpful like history and English to a certain extent because I already know all I need to know about the English language and I feel like I could be taking other classes to help me be suited more towards my future career


I take part in the Briercrest u18s volleyball club and it’s a great opportunity for me. I think that there is a great variety of sports and clubs but there wasn’t a boys varsity volleyball team this year which kinda bummed me out because it was one less team to be able to cheer on. I think that if there was anymore teams it would be over whelming for the school as they would also need to find coaches for those teams also. I don’t do clubs so I don’t know about the art and drama stuff but I’ve heard that there is a vast amount of things available for the people who don’t do sports. More music opportunities like band or something would be a neat addition if you had to try out for it as I know lots of very musical people who would definetly go for that


The school feels like a cliquey community as there are lots of people who have gone to the school before boarding students so it’s a little harder for boarding students to find a place they belong. It’s more or less like a lot of friend groups instead of everybody including everybody students who try their hardest and do their homework succeed in this school because there are high requirements for us, but still at a reachable level that is attainable. The school feels like a town or smaller since there isn’t very many students at the school. I feel like students who don’t act like they care or don’t try don’t succeed as much as people who do but it’s like that in every school. I think that people who have went to the school longer feel more included but that is too be expected

School Life

I would first take them to the chapel because it is a main factor of the school. I would show them the library and the things that attracted the most people to caronport. Depending on what things they were interested in Example if they were hockey kids I would take them to the rink and the fitness Center but if they were musical I would take them to the music room. I would show them the school mostly and make sure they have a good understanding of where things are in the school. I would show them the schools little features like care cards and candy at break time. I would take them to the chapel first because it’s the biggest place on campus and attracts the most attention. For Christian people it’s a major factor as it is super nice


I live in dorm so I have grown to know the school as a home

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