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Review by: Michael Li - Parent (Mar 30, 2022)

"My son’s teachers clearly identified areas for improvement."

Student Experience

My child received great help for Carrey tutors. They are very knowledgeable, his English tutor covers not only language, but also history and geography. They sometimes discuss the current world issues. His tutors are very patient, they never feel bothered even if my child asks the same questions several times. The tutor is also very helpful with my child's learning skills and behaviours, he used to be disorganized and always forgot complete homework. After changing to Carrey, he got motivated to finish the task on time and show a good eagerness to learn. And my child gets along with them like friends! We used to live in Singapore and took online classes. Now we moved to Canada, they finally get the chance to meet the real person.

School Leadership

Carrey Education has a strong supporting team. The administration office responds to parents' inquiries quickly. They always forward our messages to tutors on time, and we could expect to receive feedback very soon. Whenever there occurs a problem, the Carrey team is always here to support my child. They look for root causes first, and they always come back with solutions. For a lot of places, you can never expect them to come up with solutions or suggestions, they could only raise concerns but no help is provided on solving them. The Carrey team does the best job.


We are extremely happy with the quality of instruction that my son is provided by the teachers at Carrey Education. The feedback we received throughout the term and more recently made it clear that our son is well-observed. The feedback comments related specifically to our son rather than the generalized statements that we often find in “feedback” we’ve received from other institutions in the past. Not only this, the total support from Carrey helps us keep track of my son's daily learning. Whenever he feels tired in class, teachers will give him a stand-up break and then go back for classes, or finish the class earlier that day and make it up on another day. We understand how valuable the scheduled time is to everyone, we really appreciate the teacher's sympathy.


My son’s teachers clearly identified areas for improvement and provided great example techniques and tips for helping him improve. These suggested techniques are making it much easier for us to help our son in the areas in which his skills were not as well developed. We also received additional homework to specifically help him in areas of weakness. We were very happily surprised to be given this assistance. In the areas where he is excelling, we feel he is being supported to continue to grow rather than limited to stay within the “limits” of the class. Since Carrey Education has rich experiences with private school curricula, they understand how important it is to dig deep into the concept. This allows my son to join the accelerated program at his homeschool and some reach-ahead courses.


My son has taken part in cycling and a snowboarding program. The teachers of these courses are hired from outside of the school and seem well-qualified and good with the students. My son did enjoy these classes. There seem to be a number of sports teams and other extracurricular activities that we are interested in enrolling my son in when he gets more used to his school life here in Canada. Carrey Education as an after-school institution, helps students develop out-of-classroom skills and they are able to find the best program and instructors in the market.


Carrey Education is a little different from other schools that we had visited. Since it is an after-school institution, We worried a little as we were unsure of the nature of the interaction between the only tutor in the class and my son if he is being shy, but we have been pleasantly surprised. Also, we were afraid it to be the same as other chain brands' tutoring centres, where students come for fun or it is simply a place for parents to drop off their kids. But most students come from other prestigious private schools in Oakville and Mississauga, they are being kind, polite, outgoing and humble. We can tell that they came from well-educated backgrounds and have the eagerness to learn. They chat a lot after class, exchange information about volunteer opportunities and so on. My son learns a lot from them.

School Life

My son enjoys the small, tight-knit community. Every teacher and faculty member knows them by name and knows who their siblings are in the school. They have made friendships at Carrey International Education that will last them a lifetime. The kids enjoy teachers who allow them to express themselves and who listen to their ideas, even if it is different from their own. Encouraging my kids to think for themselves is what I appreciate the most from Carrey International Education. The teachers who have really connected with my kids are the ones who look at them as human beings that are going to change the world for the better. Staffs and counsellors are very helpful at any time when needed, they provide constructive suggestions that contribute to students' success in the future.


Although we are new to life in Canada, it does seem that there are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school. There are school trips, BBQs, competitions and presentations that happen on a regular basis. We are very excited about the future events. Other than activities, Carrey International Education gives full support to parents, especially to newcomer families. They help us out on big issues like renting a house, or as small as where to get groceries. What's worth highlighting is their parenting support: they work with certified professionals to hold events on current family issues, minimize conflicts between parents and kids, how to understand teenagers and so on. This really help us a lot when my teenage son was in his puberty.

School Location

Like many private schools, Carrey International Education is in a converted office building in the busy Erin Mills area. Although the school is not really near shops, restaurants and public transport, it is easily accessible by highway and has ample parking. The school has been fairly recently renovated, green carpet really calms you down. All classrooms have glass doors, it makes the class be transparent and worry-free for parents.


The lady in charge of admissions was very helpful and gave us a lot of information about registration, costs, and the life of the school. I would recommend that you request a call from the academic advisor and maybe asks for a tour, which you could really get a good idea of the life of the school. Once we decided to start the tutoring course, the registration process, was straightforward and we were walked through it in a methodical way. They have several payment methods, Chinese customers could also pay through Alipay so that we do not need to bother wire transfer through bank. And if you are not satisfied with the assigned tutor, you can alway ask to try out different ones, they will give parents a list of recommend tutors to choose from until your kids find the best fit.

University placement and counselling

Carrey International Education encompasses a warm and friendly atmosphere; from the moment you walk through its doors. The diverse and highly-qualified staff are always greeting you with warm-hearted smiles, and are continuously willing to go above and beyond their job descriptions. The strong academic team provides tutoring in various curricula, for example, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate as well as SAT exam preparation. It encourages students to be inquisitive and prepares them for the collaborative nature of university. They have a university placement program starting in grade nine, a professional advisor meets families three times a year to keep up with academic progress. They also schedule a unique timeline for your child when the application season starts. Everything could be customized, they could always arrange school tours that are exclusive for you.

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