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Topic: Overall Experience

Terry Smith - Parent   (Dec 10, 2021)

My kid started in this school (different campuses) when she was two. Now she is in grade 6. When she was little (casa, JK, SK), I could tell she had a lot of fun there. When I got to school to pick her up, sometimes she asked to stay a bit longer to play longer. She enjoyed singing, dancing and story time etc. Now she likes the small class and mixed Grade environment (Grade 1-3 in one class and grade 4-6 in another class). She had plenty of time with teachers thanks to the small class size. She likes that the school keeps them informed during weekly assembly. Due to COVID, they tried to keep distance between students. She wished the classroom was bigger, so that they could sit even further apart. She also hoped the outdoor playground was bigger. Notice classroom size/building size and the tuition fee can also be very different between different campuses.

Wahida Khalil - Parent   (Dec 10, 2021)

My daughter has been going to CMS since she was four years old. She is 10 now and in grade 5 at CMS. What she likes most about the school is the fact that her teachers are always available to help the students. The one-on-one interactions between herself and her teachers have encouraged her greatly to do better in her studies. CMS has provided her the foundation to build a disciplined, focused and organized life. She also likes the personal space that is given to her to finish her studies. The school could offer more interesting and topical extracurricular activities which would keep the kids more engaged. Some of the activities that are offered did not prove to be productive enough for my daughter because of the content.

Malar Kulandaivelu - Parent   (Dec 10, 2021)

My daughter loves CMS and her teachers. It is a second home for our child and everyone in the school is like a family to us. They provided a very caring and nurturing environment to my child, and when she first took me to her classroom, she was so proud to say "Mom!! See, this is my world" as a preschooler. Every teacher knows every child in the school. As a Montessori school, they instilled independence and discipline at the perfect proportion. CMS has set the scale so high for us in standards and expectations from schools. Every day is a happy exciting day for my child to go to school. They created the foundation so well with my child’s academics and social skills. The support and encouragement we receive from the teachers are great!!

G Mok - Parent   (May 03, 2021)

We've been with CMS since 2015, and we can tell that our kids enjoy going to school as they come back at the end of the day with such joy telling about the the experiments that they did or the projects they worked on that they are so proud of. There are a breadth of extracurricular activities offered at the school, could be learning a language, piano, Taekwando, dance, and Robotics are a few examples. The school is for children from infant to Gr 6 and there's usually more than 1 class for each grade. With this many kids there's a diverse school community and many friends made. Pre-covid the elementary grades would have specialist classes together (gym, music etc), which helped continue their friendships from the Casa years.

Rizwan Suleiman - Parent   (Mar 15, 2021)

When enrolling our kids to a private school, we chose the Montessori method of teaching because it recognize that all children learn in different ways, and at different speeds. We appreciated that Central Montessori Schools takes a collaborative approach to learning where students learn to work with, and learn from each other. This much more closely resembles the real world, where work is done in teams as opposed to individually. Our children appreciate the smaller class sizes and the attention that affords them from their teachers. They also, surprisingly, have taken well to having multiple grades in a single class. Grades 1 - 3 are in the same classroom and learn from each other. While individual grades get their own lessons, and have their own lesson plans - they also have the opportunity to see what the other grades are learning. Often, the older children will even teach the younger kids their lessons. This is also true for the Grade 4 - 6 classes.

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