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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Central Montessori Schools (2020)

Central Montessori Schools alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Dia, Colleen, Masa, Diana had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Dia — alum

Dia attended Central Montessori School from Kindergarten to Grade 6. While there, she enjoyed the small class sizes and lots of individual attention. She values the close relationships she developed with teachers and friends at Central Montessori School. She is now a first year student at Western University, working towards a double major.

  • “There were so many things that I appreciated about Central Montessori School. After graduating and looking back at it, you get to kind of appreciate them more. The main thing is, the amount of attention that you get from teachers is insane. People all move at their own pace. I think Central Montessori School recognizes that with learning, everyone moves at their own pace. Everybody learns in different ways.”
  • “I think at other schools, there isn't that type of attention [given to students] and there isn’t the same type of community [as Central Montessori School]. Not being able to talk one-on-one with teachers and express your difficulties and stuff like that, you can get very frustrated… . Being able to talk to teachers one-on-one, and really having such an intimate connection, really helps the learning process. I just had such a close connection with my teachers [at Central Montessori School].”
  • “I had this one teacher [at Central Montessori School] ... and I had her from Grade 1 up to Grade 3. My connection with her was really, really deep. ... I still remember her to this day. Her face … I could draw a picture of her.”
  • “I think it was obvious that all of my teachers had an impact on me, but I think [my Grade 1 teacher] really helped develop a foundation for my learning. Not very many schools are able to provide that to children. I'm not just saying that. If I can, I would like to send my kids to Montessori because it's so worth it. I couldn't have asked for a better foundation.”
  • “I don't know how big classroom sizes are now, but back then I just remember the entire class would collectively participate in sports, and were all on the sports teams. We would all go to events, and on the bus rides there, we would all be cheering together, and having so much fun. We took the sports so seriously, but also it was all just fun and games. I don't know how many coaches there are now, but back when I was there, it was Coach Joe. … He was so good at teaching us the sport, and making it so fun.”
  • “I had a very well rounded knowledge on the rules of each sport, what is okay and what is not okay. [The gym teacher at Central Montessori School] also taught us sportsmanship very well, how to lose and how to win gracefully, which I think is really important. … He was able to teach us the rules, how to have fun, and sportsmanship all in one. The extracurriculars, going around and competing with other schools, are just such a great way to make [school] a fully-rounded environment, the academics and the sports. I couldn't ask for anything better. It was just fun.”
  • “Central Montessori Schools teaches [students] to be life learners, but it also really teaches them to chase what they love. … Even if they might not be the best [at something], even if the person beside them is doing a little better than they are, it doesn't matter. They still need to push themselves, and still need to commit to what they love to do, because failure is part of life. I think that that really stuck with me. …  Being a life learner, I think Central Montessori School really supported that.”
  • “Confidence and mentoring are actually two very big [impacts of Central Montessori School]. It also just taught me to be a good person. Learning, fun, sports, everything aside, I think the teachers and the diversity [at Central Montessori School] really can help a child genuinely become a better person.”
  • “I'm not white, and I never really felt lost. ... I never really felt that segregation that a lot of kids feel, and I was also exposed to other cultures [at Central Montessori School]. There was multicultural week [which was] such an amazing concept. Central Montessori School is just so ahead of its time. Lots of kids are not raised in households that appreciate other cultures and other types of people. I think Central Montessori School says, everyone is welcome, [no matter what] race, gender, or sexuality. I think that was really instilled in me.”
  • “I know some public schools tend to shun that type of topic, sexuality and stuff like that. I think at Central Montessori School, the health classes had a really good way of approaching it. All the kids that go into Central Montessori Schools come out as really well-rounded, academically and sports wise, but also are able to be very accepting of everyone around them. I think if it weren't for Central Montessori School, I wouldn't be able to be a tutor today.”
  • “[My transition from Central Montessori School into High School] was pretty seamless. I didn't have very many problems with the academics. I actually was kind of ahead.”

Colleen — current parent

Colleen has one son who attended Central Montessori School from Kindergarten to Grade 6. She credits the school with instilling a love of learning in her son, and believes it provided him a solid learning foundation. He is now in his second year of a double degree program at the University of Toronto, where he studies business management and quantitative finance.

  • “We started [our son at Central Montessori School] in the Casa program when he was about three and a half, at the York Mills campus, and he continued there up until Grade 6. He had great teachers that really cared about him. That's the best memory that I have about Central Montessori School, is the caring environment, how much the teachers really care about the kids. It instilled a love of learning for him from a very early age that he has used when he transitioned to public school in high school afterwards.”
  • “The love of learning provided a really solid foundation for [my son]. Central Montessori School has really high academic standards, where they prepare children to reach their full potential. This really played out with my son. He learned to love math from a very early age. He excelled at math at times and then he continued to excel at math. When he transitioned to public school and then high school, he was getting mid- 90’s in math, just about all the way through. This allowed him to get into a really difficult program at U of T.”
  • “[Central Montessori School] has given [my son] a great foundation to really bring out the best of his skills and interests. He realized from a young age that he was really interested in math, and was able to excel at a really high level, from an early age up until now.”
  • “We loved how we could drop [our son] off in the morning, knowing that he would get snacks, he would get a hot lunch, and he would have a nap [at Central Montessori School]… We also paid for the extra hours at the end of the day so that we could work a full day and then pick him up after. … And just knew that he would be fine the whole day, we didn't have to worry about transitioning him from a daycare to a school.”
  • “We kept [our son at Central Montessori School] until Grade 6 as long as we could keep him there. We really didn't know much about Montessori in the beginning, but it just worked way beyond our expectations from every level. We were very happy with Central Montessori School all the way through.”
  • “[Central Montessori School] instilled a love of learning [in my son] from a very young age and provided such a great foundation for him that he's carried throughout his later years. A [Central Montessori School] education really does prepare kids to reach their full potential on an individual level, which is something that the public school doesn't necessarily live up to. He's definitely reaching his full potential right now.”
  • “It’s not just the academics [at Central Montessori School], it’s a well-rounded education, it teaches how to be a good person, good values, being respectful, and so many other great things. That has helped [my son’s] confidence level immensely. He's actually involved with a few clubs right now at university as well. He's able to meet friends in his classes really easily. He never has lunch by himself.”
  • “We transitioned him to a public school in Whitby [after graduating from Central Montessori School], and he was at a much higher level academically in all of his courses.”

Masa — current parent

Masa has one child who is a Grade 5 student at Central Montessori School, and another who has graduated, and is now in Grade 7. Her children both benefited from the school in terms of confidence and academics. She believes that the school focuses on children as individuals, and offers them the encouragement and support they need to thrive.

  • “I asked my kids what they would say with regards to [Central Montessori School]; [my daughter] who's there now, said ‘everything the teachers do, mommy, is fun. Even when it's hard, it's fun.’ And I think fun for a kid, translates to creative and innovative for us. The teachers incorporate that into any topic, whatever it may be, whatever they're trying to teach, they find a creative way to express it.”
  • “If kids say school is fun, that's about as good as it gets. [My son], he said, ‘Central Montessori School really focuses on you. They really focus on the individual.’ You can be much further ahead than somebody, or you could be further back, but it doesn't matter. The focus is on the child. So that's straight from [my children’s] mouths in terms of what they appreciate, and what they like, and what they think is different about [Central Montessori School].”
  • “The level of quality, care, and encouragement from the sports education, and the coach there really shows the values of the school. … Even the sports program encourages [students] to try and to push themselves, and to be confident, even if they're not a sports person. That really comes across... I think the sports are really quite spectacular.”
  • “I would say boosted confidence [is the biggest impact Central Montessori School had on my son], really in everything. … I would say confidence because he really was encouraged and supported [at Central Montessori School], and really pushed to do more than he could do to reach his potential.”
  • “[My son is] helping other kids in his class, even though he's the new guy. So now people in his class, four weeks in, are asking him for help. … So, the confidence and the mentoring and nurturing of younger people that [my son has] learned at Central Montessori School, I think will be with him forever.”
  • “I think it all goes back to confidence. If you've got the confidence, you can reach further, do more, and feel fine about it. Academically, it was easy [for my son] in the public school system when he transitioned [from Central Montessori School], he's also not having any difficulty in terms of finding friends, making connections.”

Diana — current parent

Diana has two children who both attended Central Montessori School. Though they are both in high school now, she remembers the school as a nurturing environment that gave her children the foundation they needed to succeed in academics, socially, and in sports.

  • “[Both of my kids] went to Central Montessori School. They both started in Casa. I think [my son] started Pre-Casa at about two and a half, and [my daughter] started at three, and they were both [at Central Montessori School] up until Grade 6. I think the key thing I would say for [my son], is that it was just a very nurturing environment. We definitely chose [Central Montessori School] for that one-on-one [attention].”
  • “[My son is] definitely somebody that had a lot of energy. I think the teachers working with him were just amazing. So that's been a great foundation for him. The academics [at Central Montessori School] were great, and a really good opportunity ... for somebody who is either above or is maybe a little bit behind [academically]. Everybody had a chance to really showcase their own abilities.”
  • “[Central Montessori School] really suited [my son] well. I will say that ... the sports are really awesome, too. I think the kids had an opportunity to learn every single sport there was [at Central Montessori School] and that is a great foundation moving forward. They were able to feel confident to get on a sports team in either a middle school or in high school.”
  • “[My son]  had no issues whatsoever, sort of seamlessly moving from Central Montessori School to [his new school]. I think it was just a seamless entry for him. And for [my daughter] I would say the same. She's had a little bit of a different trajectory. She went from Central Montessori School, where she had the one-on-one [attention], and the academics were great. She had the ability to learn the sports, and had smaller class sizes, so she was really able to socialize, and meet really great friends. Also, the interaction with teachers has been amazing for her. So she had a pretty seamless trajectory as well.”
  • “I think everybody's on the same page, all the different kids that go. Everybody seems to be aspiring for the same thing [at Central Montessori School]. They have the sports that are fun, and the social aspect. There were a lot of great, great things that the kids would say [about Central Montessori School].”
  • “We dropped off the children early in the morning [at Central Montessori School] ... and were able to know that [our kids are] taken care of. They’re academically being stimulated, they are going to have a warm lunch and a snack after, and we were able to pick them up at 5:30 p.m. That was really positive. We just really wanted them to have a nurturing environment. It was very positive in that regard. So those are the key things, and it wasn't a difficult choice.”
  • “For us, [Central Montessori School] was always the right choice. And to this day, I think it was a positive choice. Looking back, I wouldn't change absolutely anything. It's been great for both the kids. My son is in Grade 9, and [my daughter’s] in Grade 12. They've been able to do really great academically, with the foundation [from Central Montessori School]. They're still thriving.”

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