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REVIEW OF Christ Church Cathedral School BY parent, Sonja Maul

  • Date of Review
    April 13, 2023
  • Child 1
    K - Gr. 2 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

My child feels comfortable at school and supported by the staff and teachers. He was a shy fellow before and now he feels like he can let his personality shine through. I think that’s a testament to the school’s operations and culture. The older kids are nice to the younger ones and make them feel comfortable and welcome. The teachers and staff put so much effort into creating a positive environment. There are lots of activities that happen at school and after school. The fact that placement in before and after school care has been so huge and appreciated. I know other schools that do not have that type of program. It just makes it simple each day and in planning for each academic year. I am very appreciative!

(5) School Leadership

The leadership has been incredible. They’ve been thoughtful and proactive. The pandemic is an example of that. They were dedicated to keeping the school open in a safe way. That way kids can attend school and not miss out while parents know that they are as safe as possible and feel confident in bringing kids to school. It’s also great to see support for LGBTQ visible at school and around the school. I imagine that has a lot to do with leadership.

(5) Teaching

Yes, all of the teachers and teachers' assistants have been so lovely and wonderful. They are thoughtful and seem to adjust their style per kid. All of the comments and suggestions from our teachers have been very much catered to our child’s needs. I feel like the pace of reading for example has been very on point for my child’s needs. He has been able to grow and progress but at a speed that has been motivating and encouraging to him. I also feel like when I have concerns that I am able to connect with the teacher and have a conversation about what is happening. It’s been a collaborative approach when every effort is made to get on the same page. The teachers are reasonable and very considerate.

(5) Academics

The program is in line with the BC curriculum and so I imagine there’s not much movement on that. It seems to be delivered well and responsibly. It does seem like there have been a ton of three-day weekends and so a lot of four-day school weeks. That’s very challenging to juggle work and tons of short weeks. The extra no-school days (like the one before the long weekend) feel unnecessary and frustrating given the huge amount of time off. I wonder if it’s challenging to deliver the BV curriculum given all the days that we’re missed this year. But again I think the school is doing great and the teachers are just phenomenal and so thoughtful. It’s been a great experience.

(5) Extracurriculars

The extracurriculars are awesome. I would have liked to know about the clubs beforehand. My kid would have wanted to go to those but he said he didn’t know about them. Maybe more advertising so the kids know? Or maybe my kid didn’t realize and there is plenty of coverage. I also like some of the paid activities. That’s so nice to have that since it gives them exposure to another thing straight after school.

(5) Students

I think the dynamic of the student body is great. My kid talks about how he knows some of the kids in the grade above him and they play with him. He also tries to play with the kids in the grade below him. I think that’s because the school sets up the buddy system in the younger grades. It creates rapport and trust between the kids. I think it also provides a sense of belonging when an older kid welcomes you to the school. It makes you feel like you’re a part of it. The kid does that with younger kids too. So I think it’s the buddy system plus the fact that it is such a small school overall. It’s so great!

(5) School Life

I think the school life and culture are great. Yes, my child does love going to school and he loves his teacher. The school seems like a safe and supportive environment. He likes going to school and he likes to attend Lux Mundi before and after school care. He also likes attending the Lux Mundi spring and summer camps. I would definitely recommend the school to other parents for the school program and also the Lux Mundi camps. In fact, I have recommended the school to many different parents because we have had such a wonderful experience. I think it’s great that it’s a small school and people know each other. The kids get a chance to make some super wonderful friends there because of the small size.

(4.5) Community

The Community has been great and very welcoming. It was very overwhelming at the beginning with all of the various events and requirements. However, now I feel like I understand what’s needed, the amount, the pace, and the involvement expected of parents at the school. I feel like there are lots of opportunities to be involved. However, I feel like the expectations per event need to be made clear to the parents. Parents volunteering are taking on some responsibilities for other children and they need to know exactly what the school’s policies are to keep those children safe under their temporary care. There could be a volunteer form that is read and signed online to ensure that parents know some basics before they are permitted to volunteer.

(4.5) School Location

I think the school location is great. I know that parents have expressed concerns with the neighbors but I have not observed any issues so I feel like it’s a non-issue. The parking around the school is adequate for parents to be able to drop off and pick up. I don’t know if the teachers and staff have parking, however.


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