Question and Answers for Grades 7 to 9

I am looking for day/boarding school for my child with special needs grade 9. Are there any in Toronto?

There are many schools in the Toronto area that offer special needs support. A list of special needs schools in Toronto is available on this website, with complete profiles, photos and links to websites and contact emails. If you see the term "special needs" below the school name, this school is a special needs focused school.

Click on "sort schools" or "view map" at the top of the list to sort by city or cost. You can also zoom in and out on the map view to search by location, and the list of schools below the map will adjust to only show those in your area.

A few to consider include: - Alderwood Toronto Private School
- Arrowsmith School
- Brighton School
- The Dunblaine School
- Kohai Educations Centre
- North Toronto Academy
- Shoore Centre for Learning
- WillowWood School
- The YMCA Academy

When is it best to put my child into private school i.e. upon entering school at age 4-5 years or upon entering highschool?
Choosing the right age for private school depends on your priorities for your child as a parent. Sending your more

I am looking for high school for my daughter grade 7 at present Mississauga/Toronto Etobicoke please send information or suggestions of schools
A complete list of schools within the Greater Toronto Area can be found on the
Toronto Private more

In an all-girls boarding school, is it possible that the student can stay weekends, statutory holidays for the whole term (not including the winter and summer break)?
Yes, at boarding schools, students typically stay for the entire school year, including statuary holidays and weekends. In many cases, more

We have 2 daughters aged 10 and 8 yrs studying in IB schools in Grade 4 and 3 respectively. Due to my regular trasnfer within south east asia, I would like to send my daughters to study in Canada. We bought a house in Toronto, Mississauga near Eglinton West. Please can you suggest a few private schools which are in close proximity from our residential area for easy commute. Thank you.
Mississauga and Toronto have a number of great private and independent elementary and high schools. Have a more

We are looking for a school for our daughter age 12 presently in Grade 7 who will be 14 for Grade 9. She is currently at Star Academy and has dyslexia. We are looking for a High School to accomodate her needs - in Toronto or Mississauga, Thanks Barbara Bastyr
A few schools that offer dyslexia support that you may wish to consider for your daughter include:
Chisholm more

Our 7 year old son has just been diagnosed with Dyslexia. We are considering a couple of schools recommended to us for him. We would also like to find a school suitable for our 10 year old daughter starting September 2010, one that would, hopefully be suitable for our son in future years when and if he is able to go "mainstream". I guess what we are looking for is a school that accommodates for students with dyslexia in their high school years (or before).
A few schools that offer dyslexia support that you may wish to consider for your daughter include:
Chisholm more

I have 2 sons and 2 daughters and would like them to relocate from Africa and study in Canada. I need an inexpensive school that offers primary grades 5, 6 and secondary grades 10 and 12. Mr and Mrs Prince.
If you are interested in sending all four children to study in Canada, a coed boarding school that offers more

Which curriculum is better - IB (International Baccalaureate) or a traditional high school?

There are a few previously asked questions about the IB program that may answer your question:

What are the more

Have any parents had any experiences with King's Town School in Kingston, Ontario? Thank you! Chris more

what age can our children start middle school
Depending on the province, middle school is generally defined as grades 6-8 (in some cases 5-8) or ages 10/11 more

Hi, it seems that there are mainly 2 type of private high schools: 1) very nice facilities, offering lots of clubs and activities ( social life) , but high students to teacher ratio in class, or 2) small class size, but little to none facilities and as a result very few to none non-academic activities. Are there any high schools in GTA that would combine the nice facilities, lots of clubs and activities and also the low student to teacher ratio in the class?
To start, you may be interested in browsing a variety of GTA schools here: with criteria that’s important more

I need the list of schools that don't require eligilibility certificate (Law 101) because we are permanent residents at Montreal
There are many schools in the Montreal area that do not require the eligilibility certificate under Bill 101 and more

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