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Had a question for the group. Which school is better in Mississauga. Is it Sherwood Heights or Northstar Montessori? Any response really appreciated.

Both Mississauga private schools operate on different philosophies.

Northstar Montessori School is based on the Maria Montessori method of education where students are given the opportunity to learn at their pace within an environment that is organized in groups of 3 ages. Class sizes may be larger to allow for the younger kids to learn from the older kids, and the older kids to take leadership roles by teaching the younger kids. Northstar Montessori is a CCMA approved school that ensures children receive a true Montessori education.

More about Montessori Schools and Philosophy. You can also watch this short video What is Montessori

Sherwood Heights School is a traditional private school based on an enriched and well-rounded curriculum. Class sizes at this school will be smaller, and the schools offers a gifted and honors program. The school prides itself with an advanced computer and technology program, unique to Sherwood Heights School, that teaches students to use technology with proficiency and confidence. Have a read of this reflection from a student that spent 10 years at Sherwood Heights School in Mississauga.

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