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Is there one resource to rely on detailing the strengths of each school? I am looking for a school that preps you for an American University as well as for British University, any recommendations? And is there a school that helps and promotes entrepreneurship to its students?

Unfortunately, there is not one sole resource. Many of the online or print publications, like “Our Kids Go To School,” provide a first step in helping you narrow your search. Publications and websites should also give you enough information and details, to determine whether they merit a visit. Schools are too unique to have a definitive, catch-all guide that can answer every question. As a parent, your final decision will depend on the particular needs and interests of your own child

Given that you have a post-secondary destination in mind, the best place to start may be with specific university websites and asking their admission offices what qualifications they look for and what their average entry grades are for specific programs of interest to your child. This may provide some insight into schools that best meet specific entry requirements or that send a number of their graduates to those universities.

If your interest is in universities primarily outside of Canada, you may want to look for schools that offer Advanced Placement (AP) offerings or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma curriculum as a potential edge. The College Board’s AP program offers single-subject courses and the IB program offers a slate of integrated courses and program elements delivered over the last two years of high school. Both allow students to pursue a more challenging academic preparation that is respected and rewarded at many universities worldwide. Finally, as your child may be moving relatively far away from home, you may want to consider schools that offer boarding to students. Boarding offers excellent preparation for attending university abroad. Students are on their own, yet have built in supervision and supports as they experience the independence of being away from home for the first time. Participation in Entrepreneurial, Investment and Key Clubs are also easier when you are living on campus! I am not aware of schools specialized with an entrepreneurship curriculum, but many will have clubs, such as the ones listed above, and promote entrepreneurship in a wide variety of classroom settings, whether you are a day or boarding student.

Struan Robertson
Executive Director of Recruitment and Enrolment
Upper Canada College

How old do you have to be to attend a boarding school?
There is no "qualifying" age, but age-appropriate independence and maturity should be considered. Students from elementary to high school more

Day or boarding school?
Nights and meals away from home are the difference, by definition, between day and boarding schools. So, of course, more

Do students have to attend boarding schools for the whole week?
Boarding arrangements vary depending on school programs and expectations, as well as student circumstances. Some schools require that students more

What is a boarding school?
A private boarding school not only teaches but also lodges and feeds its students. Students spend their days and more

Will all boarding schools in Canada be represented, or just a selected few? What can we expect to learn from this expo?
Not all Canadian boarding schools will be represented at the expos, but many will be at each one. A more

We are from Africa. We need more info on summer schools for kids.
To find schools that offer summer programs, you can use the
Advanced Search Tool . Enter the following more

In an all-girls boarding school, is it possible that the student can stay weekends, statutory holidays for the whole term (not including the winter and summer break)?
Yes, at boarding schools, students typically stay for the entire school year, including statuary holidays and weekends. In many cases, more

I want to know more about boarding school life. AKRO SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL, BOX 18, Odumase-Krobo, Ghana

Leaving home and being away from all that is familiar - surroundings, friends, family - can be a more

I would appreciate if anyone can give me his/her comments on King's Edge-hill School in Nova Scotia? It is one of the boarding schools that we are considering to send our kids to study.
King's Edgehill School is on a beautiful campus not too far from Halifax. It's a traditional boarding school (and more

My son is 6 years old. I'm looking for a boarding summer school so he can learn english, ride horses, swim and other activities for 1 month (July 20 to Aug 20). Tariq Sharqi
The type of program that will meet your sons needs sounds like an overnight summer camp. has more more

Is there a special needs boarding school in California?
This is a comprehensive list of leading special needs
boarding schools in Canada and USA/Europe. Fore more more

I have 2 sons and 2 daughters and would like them to relocate from Africa and study in Canada. I need an inexpensive school that offers primary grades 5, 6 and secondary grades 10 and 12. Mr and Mrs Prince.
If you are interested in sending all four children to study in Canada, a coed boarding school that offers more

My brother wants to take a short term course during the summer and he is an international student from China. Is there any offer suitable for him?
Yes. Many schools offer summer programs. Your brother may be interested in a boarding school where he will live more

Which private high schools can accept international students? What are the requirements for international applications?

Boarding schools are a great option for international students hoping to experience the full Canadian package: our culture, our lifestyle, more

I am Nayala. I live in Bangladesh. I study in class 7 here. I want to know which boarding schools are appropriate for me and if there are any chances of getting a scholarship. Please give me the information about scholarships and the tution fees in canada of high schools. more

Can I enrol my kids in private school in Canada from Nigeria? I am not a citizen of Canada?
Yes. You can enroll your children in Canadian private schools. Boarding schools in canada accept students from nearly every more

how can I found a nice and discipline boarding school for my son
We have information on our website devoted to boarding schools as well as school listings you may like to more

My daughter excels in the visual arts. She has wanted to attend a residential high school in Toronto for many years, and is very interested in what programs you may have available, especially focusing on animation and graphic design.
To start, if your daughter is interested in a residential school, you may be interested in learning more about more

I am looking for a school that is suitable for my 8 year old son. I am considering boarding school if there is an option for his age. I would be looking for a school that offers financial support/aid. Thank you for any recommendations.
If you are interested in boarding school for your son, you may be interested in reading more here: Our more

For barding school they have ault class
To start, you may be interested in learning more about boarding school as an option here:, including grade more

I am interested in Francophone Boarding schools in Québec. Would it be possible to have a comprehensive list sent to me? Thank you, Ruth 514-880-1309
We have a list of French private schools on our site that may be helpful to browse and narrow more

At what age can a student enter to a boarding school?
Boarding schools may have both day and boarding options which allow for grades PK all the way to Grade 12, more

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