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My daughter is two years old, and I would like to enroll her in a preschool to enrich her education or camp. I would like some information. Maybe a private school that teaches three languages. We already speak four at home. Much appreciated.

Many parents think summer camp or private school in the early years provides a strong foundation in essential skills that kids continue to develop and use later on in life. For more information, you can check out other Community questions about preschool, ages 18 months to three years or learning languages, or our reserve of articles about preschools and early learning and how schools help teach new languages.

Generally, Montessori Schools are known for their preschool programs, allowing kids of different ages to direct their own learning with Montessori-approved materials. However, though most have French as part of the curriculum, teaching different languages isn't part of the mandate. But you can use our Private School Search tool to look for any schools in your area that teach languages to preschool students. Camps are also a great choice to aid child development in all areas - physical, emotional, mental, and social. Here are some common questions about camp for the early years and article about language camps you may find useful. Camp Tanamakoon has a celebrated Kinder Camp program for young girls to test the camping waters, that our publisher sent her daughter Chloe to (read her blog entries about the experience here). Like Montessori schoools, there is no mandate for language learning in camps geared for such young ages, as the main goal is to safely and successfully introduce the child to the camp experience first, and then allow them to possibly specialize later on. However, the benefits of summer camp can provide much more development in a toddler's creativity, independence, self-confidence, and social skills in other ways.

My child earns Bs and Cs in public school. Will he adapt to an academically challenging private school?
It depends on the school. This is one example of why the right fit is key. A child who more

What does Montessori mean?
The term "Montessori" refers to an applied method of teaching that began in 1907 in Italy. Named after its founder, more

A Montessori classroom typically has more than 20 kids. If each child does an independent activity, how does the teacher ensure the children are learning?
The Montessori teacher is an expert with respect to observing and knowing the learning style and character of each more

How can I extend Montessori teachings at home?
The best way is to learn to objectively observe your own child, and become familiar with theirdevelopmental needs. Parents more

If Montessori allows the kids to learn at their own pace, how does it ensure kids choose a variety of activities, not just their favourite? Will montessori grads adapt to a traditional school environment?
In the elementary program, a teacher along with the child creates individual education plans specific for the child that more

Is Montessori strict enough for elementary age kids? What are the benefits?
mentary years. What are the benefits of continuing Montessori through the elementary years? A: Since Montessori environments are very well more

I'm concerned that the Montessori environment is too unstructured for my child. He's very active and has a short attention span.
Montessori environments offer its students freedom within very clear limits appropriate for that particular age group, encouraging both activity more

When is it best to consider Montessori for my child?
Dr. Montessori encouraged parents to consider education as an aid to life from birth. Montessori's four specific educative more

What is the Montessori CASA Program?
The CASA program refers to the second montessori age bracket of children between the ages of 2.5 to 6+ more

Montessori doesn't usually have report cards. How will my child's learning development be monitored?
They are also able to monitor and recognize the smallest of changes within a student's success. The Montessori teacher more

Is it possible to home school kids with the montessori curriculum?

The Montessori classroom environment provides a carefully prepared set up with all of the requisite material needed by each more

How to find the complete list of AMI certified Montessori schools, or schools that have more AMI certified teachers?
The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) website does not include a complete list AMI Certified Schools in Canada. On more

I'm thinking about placing my 18 month old in a montessori school in Richmond Hill. I am considering Global Montessori, although I have yet to take a tour of it. Any parents that can offer their experience of that school would be appreciated. Thanks.
Global Montessori School follows the montessori philosophy and has been serving Richmond Hill area parents for a number more

I'm thinking about placing my 6 year old in Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School. Any parents that can offer their experience of that school would be appreciated. Thank you very much....
Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School is having an open house on February 12, 2010 (or you more

How many students are currently being schooled in Montessori classrooms in Ontario?

It is difficult to ascertain how many students are currently enrolled in Montessori classrooms. The name Montessori is more

Had a question for the group. Which school is better in Mississauga. Is it Sherwood Heights or Northstar Montessori? Any response really appreciated.
Both Mississauga private schools operate on different philosophies.

Northstar Montessori School is based on the Maria Montessori method more

Which Montessori school is better in Calgary? Regular public schools are better or Montessori schools?
Alberta Education does not make comparisons of schools or school authorities. However when it comes to selecting a school, more

I'm looking for a montessori school for my daughter (6 month old) in the Vaughan area. I'd appreciate parents input on schools in the area who have their kids going to a montessori school. Thank you! more

I'm considering to send my 6yr old boy to a montessori school in Vancouver. The school I've found is either 'Westside Montessori' or 'Roots&Wings Montessori', which means it is not in the list of the schools here this website. Does it mean I've chosen a wrong one? The school I've found in Vancouver is very small size, only 22 students in total (elementary only) and doesn't have any facilities... not even a small office where I could sit and talk with the principal. How do I know I've found a good montessori school?
Westside Montessori does have a listing on our site, you can visit it
here. Though typically each Montessori classroom more

My son will be 3yrs in a few weeks and I believe he has outgrown his regular private daycare - which focuses on play rather than education/discipline. I think their approach is fine for children up to 2 but as they approach 3 and understand more, they should attend proper pre-schools . What is your expert opinion? Please, no generic answers of every child is different...

First of all - it may sound generic, but it's true that all children are different and have unique more

Have any parents had any experiences with King's Town School in Kingston, Ontario? Thank you! Chris more

We'd like to read about the Montessori schools in Montreal and Quebec in general. There are no real Montessori schools here but they all say that they are certified Montessori schools!
Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is the primary regulating body in Canada for accredited Montessori Schools. more

What is the youngest age I can enrol our daughter in montessori school in mississauga?
Many Montessori’s accept children beginning as young as nursery age but the actual age range varies depending on the school, more

Looking for Montessori school for infant, expecting in January 2015.
To start, you may like to browse a list of Montessori schools here: Or you can try using our more

Does my child need to speck french to be accepted to a montessori school for grade 12 ?
While some schools have French programs that require some knowledge of French to advance, generally schools do not require more

Is there 1 school that offers Montessori from Grade 1 to 8 - or even to grade 12?
Many Montessori’s accept children beginning as young as nursery age and a few do have Montessori programs into high more

I want our daughter to start in a Montessori at 12 months old ,is there any certified Montessori in Mississauga that accepts children at 12 months old?
Many Montessori’s accept children beginning as young as nursery age but the actual age range varies depending on the school, more

The difference between Montessori and Waldorf? When to register? Etc.
You may be interested in learning more about the differences between Montessori and Waldorf in this article: as more

What is the meaning of montessori
You may like to start by learning more about the Montessori philosophy, get an inside look at Montessori schools, more

There are number of reasons that parents choose to send their kids to private school that you may be more

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