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Which private high schools can accept international students? What are the requirements for international applications?

Boarding schools are a great option for international students hoping to experience the full Canadian package: our culture, our lifestyle, and our education. You can check out our list of Canadian boarding schools here.

Boarding school has many benefits, including 24-hour access to study help, advanced academics and sports programs, and irreplaceable independence, that students and experts can personally attest to. Many students from around the world choose boarding schools as the bets way to learn a new language, experience a different cultures, and make a global network of contacts that will help them find the perfect career later in life. For more information on students life and what boarding schools have to offer students, we recommend

Application processes for international students will vary from school to school, and each will have its own guidelines and policies for admissions for boarding students. We encourage you to go through your options on our list of boarding schools, choose several that meed your needs in terms of academics, facilities, and location, and contact them directly to ask about their application process, fees, and available financial aid.

Many schools are very interested in diversifying their student population, and international students is a great way to go about this. For more information about boarding and international learning, read these articles about boarding school and check out our Parent Community questions.

What if English isn't my child's first language?
Whether you're an overseas parent or a new-to-Canada parent, if you're looking to enrol your children in a private more

I work at Foreign Student Services Toronto, so I am looking for schools in Canada that accept international students, especially Korean.
The majority of independent and private schools in Canada accept international students. Boarding schools in particular attract many international students, more

We are from Africa. We need more info on summer schools for kids.
To find schools that offer summer programs, you can use the
Advanced Search Tool . Enter the following more

Looking for French Immersion High schools.
There's plenty of French Language schools for high school students, it all depends on the area where you live. more

My son is a gifted child with difficulty of emotional control. Is it better for him to stay in public school to learn more of sociality and then transfer into gifted program of VSB? or go to private school this year (he is in G2 French Immersion).
Deciding when to send a child to private school is very important, but extremely personal. The same decision is more

My son is 6 years old. I'm looking for a boarding summer school so he can learn english, ride horses, swim and other activities for 1 month (July 20 to Aug 20). Tariq Sharqi
The type of program that will meet your sons needs sounds like an overnight summer camp. has more more

Please provide me a list of french schools or child care in Mississauga for ages 5-8. Thanks, Paulina
There are a couple of French schools in Mississauga. Try
Mississauga Christian French School or Toronto more

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