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Is there one resource to rely on detailing the strengths of each school? I am looking for a school that preps you for an American University as well as for British University, any recommendations? And is there a school that helps and promotes entrepreneurship to its students?

Unfortunately, there is not one sole resource. Many of the online or print publications, like “Our Kids Go To School,” provide a first step in helping you narrow your search. Publications and websites should also give you enough information and details, to determine whether they merit a visit. Schools are too unique to have a definitive, catch-all guide that can answer every question. As a parent, your final decision will depend on the particular needs and interests of your own child

Given that you have a post-secondary destination in mind, the best place to start may be with specific university websites and asking their admission offices what qualifications they look for and what their average entry grades are for specific programs of interest to your child. This may provide some insight into schools that best meet specific entry requirements or that send a number of their graduates to those universities.

If your interest is in universities primarily outside of Canada, you may want to look for schools that offer Advanced Placement (AP) offerings or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma curriculum as a potential edge. The College Board’s AP program offers single-subject courses and the IB program offers a slate of integrated courses and program elements delivered over the last two years of high school. Both allow students to pursue a more challenging academic preparation that is respected and rewarded at many universities worldwide. Finally, as your child may be moving relatively far away from home, you may want to consider schools that offer boarding to students. Boarding offers excellent preparation for attending university abroad. Students are on their own, yet have built in supervision and supports as they experience the independence of being away from home for the first time. Participation in Entrepreneurial, Investment and Key Clubs are also easier when you are living on campus! I am not aware of schools specialized with an entrepreneurship curriculum, but many will have clubs, such as the ones listed above, and promote entrepreneurship in a wide variety of classroom settings, whether you are a day or boarding student.

Struan Robertson
Executive Director of Recruitment and Enrolment
Upper Canada College

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We have 2 daughters aged 10 and 8 yrs studying in IB schools in Grade 4 and 3 respectively. Due to my regular trasnfer within south east asia, I would like to send my daughters to study in Canada. We bought a house in Toronto, Mississauga near Eglinton West. Please can you suggest a few private schools which are in close proximity from our residential area for easy commute. Thank you.
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Through therapy & testing we have finally figured out our son is Hyper-intelligent! He has not been challenged for years in public school. He has goal of Aerospace engineering! I'm concerned if we continue in public school he will suffer even more. He is a science & facts kid. Not one behavior problem...he is a absolute gem! Very respectful & smart! His teachers love him! We are considering boarding school in Vancouver area because we are not in a position to move yet. We don't want him to leave home but, we don't want him to waste his brain either...can you recommend a school for this type of kid? Thanks, Shannon Burton
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