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We'd like to read about the Montessori schools in Montreal and Quebec in general. There are no real Montessori schools here but they all say that they are certified Montessori schools!

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is the primary regulating body in Canada for accredited Montessori Schools. Schools that wish to be accredited by CCMA must apply and meet and adhere to a strict level of criteria, some of which include:

  • Each classroom has at least one teacher with a recognized age-appropriate Montessori Teaching Certificate issued by a MACTE accredited or AMI teacher-training programme, or any other teacher training programme that may be recognized by the CCMA
  • Each classroom has 3-year multi-age groupings (as a minimum) i.e. 3-6, 6-9, 9-12
  • Programmes for children 3-6 years of age require attendance five days per week
  • Complete list of criteria

  • In Quebec, CCMA does not currently have any member schools. This however, does not necessarily mean that there are not 'real' Montessori schools in Quebec, they may just choose not to be a CCMA member. Unfortunately this makes it more difficult for Quebec families to find a quality Montessori school, it is not impossible. Follow the CCMA guidelines, and ask schools about their programs, teacher qualifications and philosophy. You can also print this Montessori Schools Checklist and make sure that the schools you are considering meet the requirements.

    A video by Our Kids Media: The Montessori Difference

    Are private schools elite?
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    What questions should I ask?
    Ask about any and every aspect of the school and your child's education that interests or concerns you. General more

    Should I consider a large or small school?
    That depends. Look at the entire package a school offers and consider how your child would fit in. An more

    What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and how does it help with university acceptance?
    The IB Programme is an internationally accepted common curriculum developed and regulated by the
    International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) more

    I've heard of Advanced Placement (AP) classes, what are they and what do they offer?
    The Advanced Placement Program enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Students can choose from more

    What curriculum do private and independent schools follow?
    Education is a provincial or territorial responsibility in Canada, and requirements are not consistent across the country and, in more

    Do private and independent schools only focus on academics?
    Academics are an important part of every child's education, particularly in keeping post-secondary options open. Though academics alone are more

    Will my child have hours of homework every night?
    School philosophy and policy, grade level and, of course, your child's performance are some of the reasons nightly homework more

    My child earns Bs and Cs in public school. Will he adapt to an academically challenging private school?
    It depends on the school. This is one example of why the right fit is key. A child who more

    I think my child is gifted. How do I know for sure?
    Without academic indicators, educators, let alone parents, find it difficult to determine if a child is gifted. Even tests more

    A Montessori classroom typically has more than 20 kids. If each child does an independent activity, how does the teacher ensure the children are learning?
    The Montessori teacher is an expert with respect to observing and knowing the learning style and character of each more

    How can I extend Montessori teachings at home?
    The best way is to learn to objectively observe your own child, and become familiar with theirdevelopmental needs. Parents more

    If Montessori allows the kids to learn at their own pace, how does it ensure kids choose a variety of activities, not just their favourite? Will montessori grads adapt to a traditional school environment?
    In the elementary program, a teacher along with the child creates individual education plans specific for the child that more

    I'm concerned that the Montessori environment is too unstructured for my child. He's very active and has a short attention span.
    Montessori environments offer its students freedom within very clear limits appropriate for that particular age group, encouraging both activity more

    Montessori doesn't usually have report cards. How will my child's learning development be monitored?
    They are also able to monitor and recognize the smallest of changes within a student's success. The Montessori teacher more

    I will be moving to Toronto in January, do you have schools who specialize in certain programs such as sports or music where the curriculum is centered on those activities?
    Every private or independent school if different, and one of the strongest benefits of choosing a specialized school is more

    How is a Waldorf school different from other private schools, regarding discipline and strong guidance.
    Waldorf education, created by Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner in 1919, is often described as education for "the head, more

    What are the regulations govering teacher qualifications in private school? I have heard they are not as strict as public school.
    Parents should ask about teacher qualifications when they visit a school. There are not a standard set of teacher more

    Looking for French Immersion High schools.
    There's plenty of French Language schools for high school students, it all depends on the area where you live. more

    Which schools are "all boys schools"? Are public schools addressing the learning differences between girls and boys in their elementary years and beyond?
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    Apart from reading the profiles and interviewing all schools, is there a means of determining the degree to which candidate schools emphasize academics, comparing their admission criteria, and seeing their performance in standardized testing?
    Comparing private and independent schools is a difficult task because you must do so against your personal criteria. What more

    Statistics on effectiveness of overall private school education relative to the public/catholic system by means of both objective and subjective indicators.
    We are not aware of any concrete studies that have been done to provide statistics that compare the two more

    1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?
    2. What additional costs other than tuition fees do I have to consider when budgeting for a school year in a private school (Grade 1)?
    3. Why donations are mandatory for some (or maybe all) private schools?
    4. What factors are considered when ranking private schools?
    5. How do the professional qualifications of a private school teacher differ from those of a public school teacher?
    6. Are the private schools' students also required to be tested by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)? If not, then, how do private schools are evaluated in terms of students' knowledge and competencies, and the quality of education provided?

    1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?

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  • I would like information regarding IB program and its benefits, and the London O.L and A.L
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    Hi, my name is Edwin.

    I was wondering if you can tell me what the process is for seeking employment as a teacher in a private school in Ontario.


    Principals and teachers in private schools are not required to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. However, more

    Which curriculum is better - IB (International Baccalaureate) or a traditional high school?

    There are a few previously asked questions about the IB program that may answer your question:

    What are the more

    Is there any follow-up if my child falls behind?

    One of the biggest benefits of private schools is their attention to each individual child. Through small class sizes, more

    How can I find out the quality of education offered at a school I am considering for my child? Are there there any websites offering reviews or performance evaluations?

    Private and independent schools in Ontario have the option of participating in province-wide EQAO testing, which then usually results more

    How do I determine the schools accreditation, and will my sons credits/diploma be recognized?

    My name is Paula. My son is in grade 4 at Thor College in Cookstown-ON. They are registered with the Ontario ministry as elementary/secondary, academic, broad-based curriculum. I just found out that they offer no credits towards Ontario secondary school diploma by the ministry of education. How does this affect my child's future towards his diploma and applying for universities or college. They are not a member of any association, but the teachers are in good standing.

    Parents who send their children to independent schools, elementary or secondary, should be savvy consumers and determine whether more

    What extra curricular activities are offered?
    Each school has a wide range of extracurricular activities and programs available, so you may also like to use more

    Education structure, religious education, sports activities, challenging students to do more than expected
    To start, you may be interested in browsing the different types of schools and their methodologies here: You may more

    Is there any Spanish taught in Vancouver private schools?
    Spanish is taught at a number of local schools.
    Click here to view Vancouver area schools with Spanish. more

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