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Topic: School Life

Jahmari Brown - Student   (Aug 29, 2022)

Crestwood is a great school. There are so many sports that are offered and a lot of fun activities to do throughout the entire year. The teachers are very helpful and I could get extra help every day if I wanted to. The size of Crestwood makes it a welcoming place where you will not only have friends in your own grade but will have the opportunity to know almost everyone in the entire school. I came to Crestwood as a grade 10 student so I was very worried that the transition would be difficult for me but it was the exact opposite especially since I came during COVID. Crestwood did its best to still try and have events to help new students get involved and feel like we are a part of the school, this made it so much nicer for me.

ella newton - Student   (Aug 05, 2022)

Starting high school at a brand new school, not knowing many people, and being one of the younger ones in the school can be super nerve-racking and intimidating. This was me when I first started at Crestwood in Grade 9. But, after the first day of school, I knew that I was going to love it, and there was absolutely nothing to be nervous about. These last three years at Crestwood have been some of the best years of my life (COVID aside)! The one thing I tell people when they ask me what is so great about Crestwood, and what makes it different from other schools is that it feels like a family. Everybody knows one another even if they are in a different grade. The relationships that you build at Crestwood are special ones. Whether it’s with your teachers, fellow students, and other members of the school. Crestwood has also granted me a plentiful amount of opportunities. There are more clubs and teams than you can imagine. This is why it is such an inclusive place. I feel as though we have great school spirit, but I do wish that there were more events throughout the year that can get everyone involved. Being a student-athlete, I was not prepared for the amount of homework I had. Trying to balance school with sport is something that many Crestwood students struggle with. In my opinion, it would help a lot if we were given some class time to work on homework. I don’t really have many cons to the school as it is such an inclusive, fun, and safe space. Crestwood has really shaped me into the person I am today.

Sandra Currie - Parent   (Aug 05, 2022)

I have two daughters at Crestwood Preparatory College, one who just graduated and they both have had a great experience at Crestwood. There are many sports teams for everyone to get involved in and other clubs to join. My daughter went to Crestwood for their women’s basketball team but she also played many other sports at the school and was encouraged to get involved with all the school clubs. She was also a prefect for the four years at the school The academics is outstanding and teachers are always available for the students to get extra help either before or after school, Which they appreciate. Their experience at Crestwood Preparatory College has been a very positive one and it has been a pleasure having my daughters attend the school.

Megan Van Volsen - Parent   (Aug 05, 2022)

My son attended Crestwood from grade 7-grade 10. My daughter started this year in grade 8. Both kids loved the sports and extracurriculars offered at the school. My son and daughter have had the opportunity to be coached by enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches and both appreciated the time spent before, during and after school by staff. My son and daughter loved the relationships and connections made with the staff. Teachers genuinely care and take an interest in all students' lives. During my son's hockey playoffs in Toronto, Crestwood teachers came to cheer him on, outside of school hours which meant so much to him. The commitment staff has to Crestwood and their students cannot be matched. My son appreciated the support he always felt from staff and encouragement to reach his goals and be the best possible person. My daughter said it just "feels" good to be a student at Crestwood and part of the Crestwood family.

Joseph Frasca - Parent   (Aug 05, 2022)

My son started attending Crestwood Preparatory College in Grade 7 and has just now completed Grade 10. His experience over the last four years at CPC has been extremely enriching. He has made friendships with like-minded and goal-driven students that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. He has been inspired by both staff and fellow students through creative educational activities and discussion, as well as friendly classroom competition amongst his peers, to be the best he can be academically. Through a very attentive administration that is in tune with the personalities of individual students, he has been encouraged, at times with a gentle nudge, to expand his horizons and partake in extracurricular activities above and beyond the many sports programs which my son has no issues signing up for on his own initiative. All this in a very friendly and inclusive environment.

Lindsey Swartzman - Alumnus   (Aug 05, 2022)

CPC was truly the best environment for me and I would not be alive today if it wasn't for my time there. While I was a student that was incredibly smart and excelled academically, I had significant struggles outside of school. The school made sure that my entire self was taken care of. They went above and beyond, which is something that will forever stay in my mind. They saw beyond the challenges and believed in me when I could not. I liked the familial feel of the school, while not being a super small school. The atmosphere was very supportive. The only thing I would change is stuff in the physical building. Everything worked great, but it definitely isn't a modern feeling. I definitely feel like I was prepared for my life's next steps. A prospective student should expect to be challenged both academically and personally. The teachers actually care about you as a human being.

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