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Topic: Students

Lexie Dias - Alumnus   (Mar 10, 2020)

The student body at Fieldstone was very diverse! There were so many international students from many different cultures, and it allowed me to broaden and diversify my friend group! All of the students at Fieldstone were friendly and positive. I especially enjoyed learning about the different places they came from. For example, students came from all over the wold such as: China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Iran, and even some from Africa! This large mix of people allowed me to become familiar with many different cultures. Fieldstone even held events such as cultural day which allowed students to set up a table and feature foods and other things they wanted to share! I really enjoyed the many people I met at Fieldstone and the positivity and friendships that came out of those relations!

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Adham Ragab - Alumnus   (Mar 25, 2020)

Students, generally, are something that the school cannot always control. While there is definitely the odd student who is not always academically inclined or cooperative, the general sense was the students always wanted to succeed. Students who were strong academically while maintaining a strong social standing were generally looked up to for representation and influence, which I think is more reflective of the atmosphere the school is trying to achieve. The school has a predominantly international population, and thus there is quite a bit of diversity at the school in terms of nationalities. Overall, you can certainly see people of different nationalities populating the classrooms at the school, which is something that can help foster an international mindset in students.

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Abigail Lewis - Alumnus   (Apr 28, 2020)

With any school, it is always a mixed bag of students, but at Fieldstone, everyone is respectful and usually eager to learn. Thankfully, Fieldstone has a wide range of extracurricular activities, so there is always the opportunity to meet others in different grades and find a place where you belong. The school was free from catty or bullying behavior and the school encouraged a positive environment. Since most of the class sizes were quite small, it gave everyone the opportunity to get to know others. In Fieldstone King's College School, most of the students were from countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico, so it was wonderful to get to learn about other cultures and Fieldstone encouraged that by having a Cultural Afternoon where everyone would bring dishes from their country and it would be shared amongst everyone.

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