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Reviews of GlenOak Academy

Mississauga, ON  |  Grades SK - 8  |  Shortlist


Topic: Admissions

Ali Aoun - Parent   (Sep 15, 2021)

My 6 yr old son loves his teachers. He also really enjoys and thrives in the small class size with the special attention he receives from everyone. He has made friends with not just the students in his class, but most of the students in the school. He hated going to his previous schools, but this one from day 1, he didn't cry a single time. My son loves the intimate setting of the school too. The location is surrounded by amazing trails and parks. Furthermore, the focus on the child, over a strict academic regime is something that I feel allows my son to really excel in areas that he enjoys learning about. In terms of disappointments, honestly I have yet to come across one.

Christina Tang - Parent   (May 03, 2021)

My son, who has special needs transitioned from preschool into JK at GlenOak Academy. His experience for 3 school years has been great with increased cognitive and physical development. The educators are professionally trained to support special needs students and are always accommodating to his needs. My son has made many friends from kindergarten to grade 8 whom he treasures their friendship and companionship. Every morning, when I see my son looking forward to go to school and meet with his teachers and friends, I know this is the perfect school for him to grow and learn. By wearing his school uniforms everyday to school, I can see his confidence and pride building up everyday as he progresses in his academics. My son has truly enjoyed his school life at GlenOak Academy.

Melissa Scott - Parent   (Mar 22, 2021)

When our child entered GlenOak in Grade 4, he was very apprehensive and nervous about changing schools. The teachers initially took the time to get know him and understand his learning needs. As a result of the teachers being proactive combined with the small classes, he immediately started establishing a strong and meaningful relationship with his teachers and classmates. Our child really enjoys how the teachers engage with them and gets them thinking for themselves. The assignments are meaningful which challenges our child allowing him to be super excited about going to school. Because the classes are small and intimate, he gets the attention and focus that allows him to really learn the basics while leaving time to pursue the interests that are important to him.

Christine Bizjak - Parent   (Mar 17, 2021)

I can't say enough great aspects of GlenOak Academy. My kids loves that the school class sizes are small enough to get the attention they want when they need it. There is always support in the classroom and they always tell me that they had a great day! I know that my kids appreciate this small class size because they always tell me how much easier it is for them to concentrate and get their work done. The other aspect my kids love is that they get to learn outside. Since Covid, the school has put great effort into making that possible for the kids. They come home tired from a day of actual activity of body and mind. Since the day they both started at GlenOak Academy not once have I heard either of them say anything. During the first week my son was there, he asked if there was school on Saturday because he really wanted to go.

Melissa Browning - Parent   (Mar 17, 2021)

At GlenOak, the academic programming can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each child. All of the programming follows the Ontario curriculum, in addition to regular community learning activities, outdoor play, hands-on learning, with smaller classroom sizes. Our son started at GlenOak Academy for grade 1 and is very happy to get up and go to school every morning! Which is a significant change in attitude from previous school years. From the moment we met Susan Goode, the school principal, we felt that the environment at GlenOak was going to be a good fit for our son. It has a warm, nurturing and friendly environment that encourages learning, independence and exploration with hands-on learning. Our son was invited to spend a few mornings at GlenOak and he was able to experience first-hand what it would be like to attend the school. He really felt comfortable in the classroom environment, and really connected with the teachers and students. Our son is a very curious and energetic child and he just loves to be able to learn in the school kitchen or outside in the garden, with lots of outdoor time and physical education scheduled daily.

Liselle Ramcharan - Parent   (Mar 17, 2021)

My children like Art and Craft, and are always excited to see what they will have to create based on the time of the year or special occasions. The activities have been varied. For example very recently it was designing and creating Leprechaun traps for the older child, and making snow for the younger child. They enjoy the online applications that they are exposed to for learning. They were able to easily adapt to structured online learning because of the structure introduced at the start of the academic year. They enjoy the gym activities that include interactive videos that have them moving, yoga stretches that help them relax, and a big outdoor space that they are able to run around in, even roll around in the Fall leaves. The school is near nature trails that they both enjoy being able to explore.

Silu Modi - Parent   (Mar 15, 2021)

My daughter absolutely loves GlenOak. She’s probably one of the only kids I know who’s genuinely disappointed on Friday’s and school holidays because she doesn’t get to go to school. My daughter doesn’t learn like other kids. She needs a little extra guidance at some times and a little more of a push to be independent at other times. She gets just the right mix of both and is challenged to do more than she would otherwise bring herself to do. We know it’s working because she often comes home from school exhausted but at the same time, can’t wait to show us what’s she’s learned today. The enthusiasm to continue pushing herself to learn comes directly from the experience she has at GlenOak Academy.

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