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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Academie Jeanne d'Arc (2020)

Academie Jeanne d'Arc alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Emily, Lumturi had to say about the school.

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Emily — alum

Emily attended Académie Jeanne d’Arc from Grades 6 to her Grade 8 graduation. During her time there, she explored her interests through the many in-school and extracurricular programs available. These include comprehensive arts, athletics, and academic opportunities that allow students to discover their ambitions and become well-rounded, creative individuals. Emily felt that the students and teachers at Académie Jeanne d’Arc we kind, supportive, and welcoming, and she is thankful for her time there. After finishing high school at a different private institution, Emily went on to study health science at the University of Ottawa, and is now in her second year at Queen’s University Law School.

  • “Students at [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] are very disciplined, and the education is next to none.”
  • “There are a lot of different programs [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] that I got to do after-school such as sewing, arts, and a rigorous athletic program. These are all things that you could get from other private schools, but at [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] the students are next to none.” 
  • “The atmosphere [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is very collegial, the students are kind to each other, and it's a very good atmosphere to grow up in. … Students helped each other and were kind to each other, which you can't replicate and is hard to build. I found that that's something that [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is really strong in.”
  • “There's no … competing [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc]. The students are free to hone in on their skills and passions and get a good education while also growing with their classmates, which is nice.”
  • “The girls at [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] were very compassionate, and we all tried to help each other learn. It was a nice environment to be in. … I find that that differentiated [the school].”
  • “The teachers [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] are invested in the students, and we had the opportunity to do things like science fairs … which is an excellent experience. [Académie Jeanne d’Arc also offered] extracurricular experiences like sewing, athletics, typing, and cooking. I even remember on Pi Day we made pies, and we learned about pi in math class, and you don't get that at any other school.” 
  • “The teaching [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is very creative, and the teachers are very invested in the students, and are honestly so kind to each other. It all contributes to an amazing environment that is memorable and leaves a lasting impression.”
  • “Three words [that describe Académie Jeanne d’Arc] would be ambitious, kind, and altruistic, I would say… well-rounded is a good way to put it. The students are intelligent, kind, and worldly, and they think about their peers and the world around them.”
  • “[Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is very down to earth. … Some people would perhaps expect the traditions and the teaching methods to be somewhat archaic because that is a trope of private schools. [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is extremely forward-thinking in their teaching methods. They are constantly making changes that improve the girls' lives and stay up to date with the current needs of society. I think I saw on social media that [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is doing coding now. … That's super up to date. The teachers wouldn't have been able to teach coding when I went there because [coding] was so new when we went there. [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] stays up to date, and they’re constantly making changes and improvements. … [Académie Jeanne d’Arc is] constantly growing and changing in their methods, and I think that's fantastic.”
  • “The students [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] are helpful. I had a lot of classmates who would help me during class, or the teachers would stay later after class or during lunch to help me.”
  • “I can't think of one student from my year [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] or the year after who hasn't turned out amazing. … [For example, they have gone on to] veterinary school, architecture, and dentistry … They've all turned out great, and they've done good things in life. I'm sure that they would all come and speak today and sing the praises of [Académie Jeanne d’Arc], so I don't think this feeling is unique to me.”
  • “There was French immersion at my old school, but we didn't speak as much French [as I did at Académie Jeanne d’Arc]. I feel like doing a half-day in French, and a half-day in English [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc, students] pick it up quickly, and it sets them up for life. Had I not gone to [Académie Jeanne d’Arc], I wouldn't have been able to do my Government of Canada interviews in French. It was a good opportunity to improve my written and reading French. My oral French was kind of okay. So I did do French immersion. It wasn't very strong, and there was a little bit of a transition, but the girls picked up the language fast, especially since it's so immersive. … The teachers are really strong in French as well.”

Lumturi — alum and current parent

  • School alumni

Lumturi is an alumna of Académie Jeanne d’Arc, and when the time came, she decided to send her two daughters there. She appreciates the all-girls, value-based, bilingual atmosphere, which she believes was beneficial to herself and will benefit her daughters as well. She feels that the school fosters an open-minded and welcoming environment by exposing the students to different cultures, religions, and world perspectives. There is an emphasis on teaching academic discipline, compassion, and confidence, which Lumturi thinks cultivates a well-roundedness in all students that graduate from Académie Jeanne d’Arc.

  • “I chose [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] originally due to my own experiences there as a child. Having attended, I had fond memories. It gave me a great foundation and prepared me for high school and university. I looked for an all-girls environment for my girls; I have two daughters and bilingualism was essential. I wanted to take advantage of that. I liked the smaller size of the school, and I felt more comfortable. It met my expectations in terms of what I had expected from having been a student.”
  • “I think that what surprised me the most is when I went to [Académie Jeanne d’Arc], it was run by nuns at that point. So now fast forward 20 or 25 years, it doesn't have the same format. I enjoyed the world religion aspect [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] that the [students were] introduced to that I wasn't expecting, and I liked it. I like [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] because it opens the girls up to different religions, different cultures out there, and gives them a different perspective.”
  • “[My daughter is] a very well-rounded child. I think [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is responsible for creating a confident, strong-willed, disciplined young lady who is prepared for high school. I think there is an emphasis on well-roundedness, academics, as well as being a compassionate and empathetic human being.”
  • “Although there's that disciplined aspect of [Académie Jeanne d’Arc], there's a huge nurturing element to it as well.”
  • “[Académie Jeanne d’Arc] looks at bringing out the best of the best in each child. They believe in each child. … For parents with children who might be a little bit more strong-willed, a strong-willed child sometimes just needs to be channelled in the right direction. They can be stubborn and have all those attributes, but as long as it's channelled in the right direction [they will succeed]. [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] gives you that help and that guidance, and it's a partnership. Your child is at school all day, and the window that you have the child is small at night, so the main influence comes from the daytime, from being with the teachers and the environment. I think that [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] channels the child in the right direction.”
  • “It's a big indication [how my daughter feels about Académie Jeanne d’Arc] when she wakes up in the morning, she's happy to go to school, and she gets her things together and runs out the door because she can't wait to see her friends. She can't wait to see her teachers, and she's proud of what she's accomplished from her studying.”
  • “I think the families would be surprised about how down to earth [Académie Jeanne d’Arc] is. … I believe we are very community-driven, and that's our strength. All the parents [at Académie Jeanne d’Arc] have one goal: academic excellence for their children, enrichment, and good value. This is how I would epitomize the school.”
  • “[New students at Académie Jeanne d’Arc will] be pleasantly surprised about the supportive environment, how welcoming the school is, and how invested the teachers are. I think kids are resilient and can very quickly adapt and enjoy themselves.”
  • “[Families in the Académie Jeanne d’Arc community are] extremely family-oriented, have very high values, and they're very united by one common goal. [The goal is] to invest in our children and give them all the tools in life to help them succeed and move forward."

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