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Review by: Guohao Niu - Student (Mar 10, 2022)

"I think the teacher's requirements for me are very suitable."

Student Experience

I like this school very much, the way of education in this school makes me feel very relaxed. Before I came to this school, I learned that this school will help students develop their own interests, and the school's supporting facilities are also complete. When I entered this school, all the teachers were very friendly to our students, especially our principal, who came to help me when I had any difficulties. I don't think there's anything to change about this school, it's perfect, and I'm graduating soon, but I don't want to leave this school right now. And the location of the school is also very good, it will be very convenient for us to go to school, and the school has a place for me to entertain.

School Leadership

All the teachers are also very kind to us. I especially like my principal, he looks like a principal and a friend to me. He has a lot of respect for our students and of course, we respect him. Our teachers are also very nice and they help us with their own time. Our counsellors also take our course schedule very seriously, she will know what university we want to go to to make a reasonable course schedule for us.


I think our teachers and our expectations are all very high. I think the teacher's requirements for me are very suitable, they will not ask us to do something different from what we need to learn, and their requirements of me will also make me feel very comfortable because they can let me learn what is really needed thing. I think my teacher's expectation of me is that we can better integrate into Canadian study and life. They also expected me to learn more to prepare for our college, and they gave me affirmations when I talked to my teachers. And my principal helps me improve to a better level when talking to me. The teacher always affirms and encourages me and makes me more willing to learn.


I think my learning difficulty is just right, and it will be very helpful for me later in life, my teachers will not only focus on the content in the book, but they will also connect with my life. When I was studying sociology, my teacher would teach me about the history of Canada and the rules of Canada. This will also allow me to better integrate into Canada. We learn different things in different classes, and I think they all relate to my life. And what I need to prepare in CLC is to learn one more skill for myself. Every teacher will try their best to connect what I have learned in the book with our lives so that I can understand better and let me know how what I have learned can be applied to my life.


Our school's extracurricular activities are also very interesting. There are activities inside the school and activities outside the school, and the school holds activities during each festival. Each class has different activities and these activities are voluntary. In English class and social class, the teacher will take us to the museum, so that we can better understand the history. And I think our school activities also allow us to learn a lot and also make us feel relaxed.


Students here do not feel stressed by studying, and the transportation next to our school is also very convenient. And our teachers give us enough freedom that we can do whatever we want as long as we don't break the rules. And I think the students in this school are friendly and not discriminatory. Of course, there will also be students who do not like to study in the school, but our teachers will try their best to help them improve their interest in learning. And almost all students will not feel afraid in class, and everyone dares to ask questions. Students here do not feel afraid. The teacher will pay attention to each student and will not let any student feel lonely. The students of this school are very friendly.

School Life

I will definitely take them to the school cafeteria first, in my opinion, the school cafeteria is the most important. Because many students need to eat in the restaurant. We need to eat in the cafeteria every morning after studying, and of course, we can buy a cup of coffee in the cafeteria when we feel sleepy. Of course, if a school cafeteria looks bad, it will make students feel bad. During each student's day of study, lunchtime should be the most free time. Only by allowing students to get a good rest at lunchtime can students be more motivated in the afternoon study. And the restaurant should be the most overlooked place in the school, but if the environment of the restaurant is good, then the learning environment will not be too bad.


I think this school feels a lot like home, everyone helps each other, and we can go anywhere we want except the office. At school we also have a place to rest, we lie in the classroom. And everyone will tolerate each other, and everyone will be appreciated. The main thing that makes me feel more homesick at school is that I can have enough social interaction at school and also have a lot of communication. And I eat at school at noon every day. Compared with my own home, I spend a lot of time at school. Sometimes I even feel that my own home is more like a place to sleep. I don't feel lonely at school, and what's more important is that there are many good teachers and friends at school.

School Location

The location of the school is very good, very close to the city center, and the school-next to many restaurants and shops, and the transportation is also very convenient. There is a Skytrain after leaving school. And almost all meals can be done in school. Of course, sometimes I also leave campus at noon to go to a restaurant for lunch. But more students are still more inclined to spend a day at school. In the school, we have after-dinner entertainment facilities and a rest area.


Before coming to this school, I visited this school. The construction of the school and the facilities in the school are very attractive. Once I visited this school, this school attracted me. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to develop their interests into jobs because this school allows me to develop my interests. The thing that made me most nervous when I was applying was when the teacher told me that I had to develop my interests and study here, which made me nervous because I thought it would add to my study pressure. But it still feels interesting now. When I was considering coming to this school, the teacher told me the good and bad aspects of this school. When I applied to this school, my biggest worry was whether I could get into this school and whether this school would admit me.

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