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LaSalle College Vancouver High School

"I think the teacher's requirements for me are very suitable."

Guohao Niu - Student   (Mar 10, 2022)

I like this school very much, the way of education in this school makes me feel very relaxed. Before I came to this school, I learned that this school will help students develop their own interests, and the school's supporting facilities are also complete. When I entered this school, all the teachers were very friendly to our students, especially our principal, who came to help me when I had any difficulties. I don't think there's anything to change about this school, it's perfect, and I'm gradu... View full review

" All the teachers were very careful and serious about the teaching of the courses."

Zeyu Lu - Student   (Mar 10, 2022)

When I came to this school that night, I was shocked by the campus environment! Because my impression of private school is not so big as this school and also so good learning atmosphere! When I stepped into the door into the class, the classroom brightness and cleanliness are very high!! And the school learning equipment is also available! I figured it couldn't be everywhere, so I went to the bathroom. But! The toilets are also very clean and smell-free! As good as new! This makes me feel that t... View full review

"We study how to be a Global citizen in social studies."

Angel mnyuku - Student   (Mar 09, 2022)

Our school has a good environment it has several classes, a library for the student who likes to read, and a cafeteria. To be in Lasalle College High School is so much a pleasure because we are able to meet with different people from other countries. regardless language can be a problem. We are able to exchange and learn about other people's cultures. I do like the school, since it prepares us to have good teamwork, being a good critical thinker, has good confidence to stand in front of people a... View full review

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LaSalle College Vancouver High School Reviews

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