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Review by: Salee Johnson-Edwards - Parent (Feb 21, 2019)

"They provide opportunities for the children to showcase their talents and skills and foster growth all around."

Student Experience

The overall environment of the school is a very positive one. The kids are engaged and are provided with meaningful, personal experiences. The children form lasting relationships and with the smaller classroom sizes, the kids are able to form those relationships with the teachers as well. The school does a good job at making sure the children get the same experiences as children in other bigger schools. The academic subjects covered vary from english to animal science and each child works at their own pace for each. Having each child work at their own pace, allows them to be comfortable in their abilities and gives them the freedom to excel in any particular subject at any time. Job well done - thanks.

School Leadership

The administration does a great job promoting school spirit and makes it a point of duty to get the children involved as much as possible. They provide opportunities for the children to showcase their talents and skills and fosters growth all around. When problems arise, administration does a good job speaking with the parents directly. They work with everyone involved to provide the best solutions for the child. With this continued support, the children are no doubt going to strive.


The teachers at the school are great at what they do. They keep the children on task with their education and push them to excel at each and every subject they teach. They take the time to breakdown the work when needed and allow for creativity in the classroom. The teachers are always looking for ways to engage the kids by keeping current with yearly events. When my child entered the classroom in JK my child was shy and timid of newer environments - by the end of the year things were quite different. Being able to have my child reading at an early age was always a goal of mine and with the help of the teachers my child enjoys reading so much now.


I love the PACE concept that the school employs for many different reasons. With PACE my child can work at a speed that is right for them. It also gives the children a chance to push forward in areas of growth and doesn't hold them back to their traditional "school year" work. They are able to go on to other grades should their minds allow it while taking time to work on other areas that might not be as strong. One way the school can improve is staying a bit more current with introducing technology into the classroom but they are actively looking at providing students with new forms of technology to keep current. Their efforts should be commended and the kids will only excel more from this.


Extracurricular at Maranatha are great. The children do an amazing job putting on school events and plays for the parents to enjoy and see their growth. The teachers work hard with the students to execute these events and they should be commended with their efforts in this area. The children are always excited to showcase their talents and get on stage!


The students are amazing. The class sizes are small and so this naturally allows for close bonds to be formed. What I really love about walking into the school and seeing the interactions is the children blend together regardless of age or grade. You will hear the bigger children saying hello to the younger ones and the younger ones running up to greet the older ones. The older children also take on a leadership role with the younger ones - helping out with the kiss and ride and calling the playing children after school when parents arrive. The students also work well with helping out at field trips and events. The younger children look up to the older ones. This allows for an organic mentorship that happens year after year!

School Life

My child loves going to school - simple put. When we go back for PTA meetings and the children are being watched my child might ask when are we going to have class - why do we have to go home. This is a great sign because I know that truly learning is taking place and they feel safe and comfortable with where they are. When my child first started - the whole first week was a disaster - tears and screaming all around. But the teachers were caring and kind. They had patience with the process and by the end of the following week my child was in a full routine and the anxiety was all gone. This made my life as a parent easier knowing that I was leaving my child in capable, loving hands.


The parents at MCA for the most part are great people. The parent council is a strong group of committed individuals and they work hard to carry out their yearly duties. I love the Christ-like atmosphere that the school possesses and it is evident throughout the community on a whole. Parents are an extension of Christ-like feel and do a great job at coming together for the greater good off all the kids in place. School events are well attended and supported and when called on - parents are always willing to work with the kids as well to help carry out any task. Whether it be leading up a training for the kids to preform at the next concert or helping run refreshments after the play - no job is too small or big.

School Location

The school is located in a suburban area. It is also located in a school zone so the children are safe as it relates to local traffic. The area is a family area when children all around as well. The area is also accessible by transit which helps parents who need those means for drop offs and pick ups. Overall a great location for the school.

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