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lisa o'kane - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

My son, from the first day he entered the school has found his tribe. He felt welcomed and accepted by all. All of the students are incredibly respectful of each other and of their own unique differences. This fosters an environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome, which in turn allows the kids to be their best learners. The children have the opportunity to help others and are often matched with a younger student. This teaches them empathy and understanding and gives them confidence in their own skills. No one is ever left behind and the children truly do care about each other. The whole school meets daily all together in the morning to share stories and have discussions. The children learn to be patient with one another, to listen empathetically and to be courageous in sharing with the group. My sons has absolutely made life long friends at March Academy.

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Christine Deugo - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

Having a small student body grants a sense of community. There is little division as per grade; they are just one unit. The senior students help the junior ones. There is no intimidation or exclusion, everyone is always together. They came together as a team to put on the most amazing production of the musical "Oliver," and it was remarkable. As parents are picking up the children at the end of the day they all cheerfully say goodbye to one another. They are all friends. You will never see a child being excluded--the children are taught to take notice and approach the other child and invite them to play. The student body at March makes me have hope in our future. They are fresh faced children with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

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Claudia Gongora - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

Another reason why we selected March Academy over other private schools in the Ottawa Area was because of the school size. The maximum number of students they accept every year is 32 because their main focus is to offer personalized and customized attention to their students. Given the small school size, all students get to know each other very well and support each other on the different activities. Activities are shared amongst grades, so mutual respect and support are learned and encouraged. Our daughters suffered from being bullied in the public school system, but at March Academy they've found a second family and they feel free to express their ideas without fearing to be made fun of. Past students usually come visit their peers, which shows how close everybody is to each other. Talking to past parents we usually hear how fondly they remember their time at March academy and that they will always be grateful to the school.

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Theresa Smyth - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

March Academy is a small school of 30-35 children. It was a warm and kind environment. Absolutely no bullying and teachers are able to closely monitor all interactions. If there are any issues they are dealt with immediately. The students are kind and respectful to one another. They form close friendships and often many of the grades all interact in a large soccer game during recess. I have admired the way that all the children can play together at recess. The children get to interact with all the grades. I believe it helps to promote healthy friendships within, and teaches them patience, empathy and kindness. I have watched the older grade six kids teach the younger kids to "drop kick" a soccer ball. The older children can become mentors to some of the younger children.

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Caron George - Parent   (Jun 25, 2019)

There are never more than 33 students from grade 1 to 6. There are more students in grades 4 to 6 and our son has enjoyed the other students, who have been welcoming and inclusive. Our son often tells us that the students are kind to each other and he does not worry about anyone being mean to him. We believe that the integrated nature of the grades in the school creates a stronger sense of community and responsibility toward all of the students. Prospective students come to the school for a couple of days before they determine whether to attend, which allows the administration and teachers to ensure that a new prospective student will work well socially in the school. We also get more opportunities to interact with the other parents and students because of the small size of the school.

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