"Because of the small class sizes, the teachers are very in tune with each of their students' needs and are able to customize the lessons so each student's learning experience is maximized."

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Review of: Newbridge Academy (South Surrey)

Kai-Ling Ng - Parent    (Feb 21, 2019)

School Leadership

The school leaders are approachable, encouraging and very responsive to parent's concerns and questions. Teachers and principal are always readily available for discussions with parents and are quick to address any issues that arise. Discipline is always handled firmly but professionally and fairly and communication with the parents is effective and without delay. The school leaders are very professional role models for parents and students alike. They are collaborative and proactive in implementing changes that will benefit the students and their families.


The teachers at Newbridge are a team of dedicated and experienced educators with years of global teaching experience in local and international schools. They bring worldly perspectives and knowledge of different cultures and customs that greatly augment the curriculum and add an invaluable element to the children's educational experience. The teachers provide thoughtful, honest assessments and put a lot of care into their lessons. The quality of instruction is exceptional. Because of the small class sizes, the teachers are very in tune with each of their students' needs and are able to customize the lessons so each student's learning experience is maximized. Our son began the school year with little to no knowledge of Mandarin and has now completed his second term scoring 91% on his exam! His progress has been incredible and we have the teachers to thank for it.

Student Experience

Our son is very happy and thriving at Newbridge Academy. He has made many good friends. The community of teachers, school leaders, and families are dedicated, genuine, caring, and all truly have the children's best interests at heart. The teachers are gentle but firm and provide structure that the children respond very positively to. The small class sizes ensure that each student's educational trajectory is closely monitored and redirected quickly and effectively if needed. The teachers are very much in tune with every single one of their students and are therefore able to customize the lessons to ensure the best and most effective learning experience for each child. It really is a remarkable place. Noah loves his friends and teachers and looks forward to seeing them every day.


Newbridge Academy is one of only a very small handful of schools in Canada that offers a true Bilingual English and Mandarin program. When our son first enrolled at the school he had little to no knowledge of Mandarin, and in the short span of 3 months has shown incredible progress and is well on his way to bilingualism, thanks to the dedicated efforts of his teachers. The teachers truly follow the mantra of "No child left behind" and the small class sizes ensure that each and every child receives adequate attention and instruction. At Newbridge the students are taught Singapore Math which is a robust and advanced program, proven to produce the most effective math learners in the world. I am confident our son will be more than adequately prepared academically for the next steps in life.


As a school in it's infancy, Newbridge does not yet have the infrastructure or facilities for extracurricular programs. However, the parents and families actively engage one another and organize opportunities for the children to unofficially enjoy such activities outside of school. The school leaders are acutely aware that this is an area that needs development at the school and are making active gains to implement programs.


Newbridge is comprised of a small but boisterous student body, lively and full of energy. The children interact very well with each other, across all grades. There are plenty of opportunities for the children to bond and build relationships with peers their own age as well as in other age groups. At Newbridge there is a hot meal program where students all gather in the common space and eat together. Students are assigned tasks/chores at each meal including setting the tables, serving food, clean up etc. This teaches such important habits and values and is a good example of how Newbridge is providing a holistic education to each child.

School Life

Our son is very happy at Newbridge. The community is small and close knit, which is a great fit for our family. All the teachers and students know one another and our son greatly benefits from the interactions with children not only in his own class but in other age groups as well. He has made many good friends. The small class sizes are invaluable and central to the childrens' behavioural and scholastic development. Teachers are able to spend time with each child and really maximize their learning. Teachers are able to really get to know each child and his or her needs. The children thrive from the level of tutelage and attention they receive from their educators. No one feels like just another face in the crowd, and even at a very young age, children are acutely aware of this.


Parent involvement is very much welcomed and embraced (but not required) at Newbridge Academy. There are several opportunities throughout the year to volunteer in school activities/field trips and in general parents are quite keen to participate. One particularly unique and special example of this was the recent Chinese new year celebration/show which had fathers performing a parade with the dragon which everyone greatly enjoyed, especially the children! The Newbridge families all greatly value education and are committed to making sure their children receive a very high quality education. The teachers are very much aligned with this as well. The teachers and administration are very open and responsive to parent requests that will benefit the children. We have certainly been impressed with how proactive Newbridge has been in making adjustments big and small.

School Location

The school is located in downtown South Surrey/White Rock. Because it is a new and small school, the facilities are modest but sufficient for the needs of the student body. This is probably the school's weakest feature in my opinion but the administration has made great efforts to ensure renovations and upgrades keep pace with the growth and needs of the school. As the student body grows, so will the school facilities.

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