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May 11, 2021

Post-Secondary Studies – Worried about not getting in? Let us help!

Every student’s journey towards their career goals looks different and there is no one right path.  So if you did not receive the acceptance you were hoping for, there is no need to panic. We’ve outlined a guide for students dealing with the challenges of post-secondary rejection and how to stay motivated through readjusting your academic plans.

  1. Use this experience as a learning and motivating opportunity
    • Dealing with rejection is never easy, but it is a challenge we all must face at one point or another.  Not receiving your ideal acceptance can be a motivating factor to pave your own path in a field that excites you.  Researching other directions, such as college programs, bridging courses, or certifications, are all alternate education routes that can lead to your success.
  2. Re-assess the program options you did receive an offer for
    • Ontario schools offer quality education wherever you go. Perhaps you did not receive an offer to your top choice school, but were accepted to your second or third choice program. Do some more research into these other options; you might discover they could be a better fit for you in the long run!
  3. Consider taking a gap year
    • If you feel your application was not strong enough due to poor grades, you might consider taking a year to retake some courses and improve your GPA. This can also be a great time to save money, develop new skills though work experiences, and figure out your next steps.
  4. Apply for an internship
    • For many people, hands-on experiences are a great learning tool. Consider internship options that will allow you to explore your chosen field, network, and build practical skills.
  5. Reapply next year
    • Post-secondary admissions criteria can be subjective or vary from year to year. Perhaps after taking time to improve your grades or diversify your skill set, you might build a stronger application that results in an acceptance.        

May 4, 2021 is the target date for Ontario universities to receive all grades available for 4U/M courses from the OUAC.  With offers slowly being sent out, if you find yourself feeling lost or disappointed, just remember you have a variety of excellent options available and plenty of time to figure out your desired career path.

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