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May 19, 2021

Remote learning during the pandemic: how it affects students

Remote learning has been a very hard change for students, and there are many factors that can cause mental health distress. Since students are stuck in a fixed learning position due to their lack of environment change, this can be harmful to mental health when combined with the lack of face to face contact with peers. Students may also have a hard time staying focused due to their home environment, which can lead to frustration from difficulty learning new material.


To help decrease the negative effects that these situations can have on mental health, students should focus on their feelings and health by continuing to do things they enjoy and having a strong mental health support system. Creating a clear separation between workplace and rest area will ensure that students have a mental reset when moving to a different area to do their work, allowing for less distractions and higher productivity while also being able to fully relax.


Most importantly, students should remember to stay social and communicate with their peers, to help with the lack of regular interaction during the pandemic. While still continuing to social distance, students should take time to do a sport or hobby that they enjoy in order to keep up physical activity and mental health condition.


Finally, mental health demands can change, and it is most important to be observant of your own condition and take care of yourself. 

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