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July 30, 2020

Savana Maracle ’20 - Albert College Alumna

Though a local resident of Tyendinaga Township and member of the Quinte Mohawk community, Savana Maracle’s educational experience had been quite diverse before coming to Albert College.  From Grades 1-8 Maracle attended Quinte Mohawk School in the fall term and attended an international school in Mexico during the winter term. Making the transition from part-time studies in the public system to attending Albert College in the fall of her Grade 9 year, was an easy decision for her parents. Albert College offered the Maracle family a customized boarding program, specific to suit their needs. While Savana’s parents were in Mexico, she stayed in the Girls’ Residence - Victoria Manor, which allowed her to complete her academic year, uninterrupted. 

Maracle began boarding in Grade 9 and found that balancing her workload and her responsibilities was difficult in the beginning but it enabled her to learn time management skills. Acquire these skills to balance her workload and responsibilities at the Senior School level has better prepared her for University. “Having to keep your room clean and do your own laundry helped me in becoming more independent.” Being a boarding student also allowed Maracle the opportunity to be involved in the weekend activities at Victoria Manor. “On the weekends they always have something different to do, so that there is an activity that appeals to everyone. Sometimes we would have a spa day, or we would bake, take dance lessons, whatever we did, we did it as a group, it was so much fun.” The family environment was a positive aspect of boarding for Maracle. “Living at the Manor feels like you have a have a huge family of girls all the same age. There is always someone to talk to, the House Directors are very supportive and help the girls work through any problems or issues they may be facing.” 

When asked what makes Albert College different from other schools Maracle attended she refers to the exceptional guidance available to students and having access to an assigned Advisor. “The guidance counsellors and Advisor groups are so helpful. Having an Advisor is like having a private guidance counsellor, it is so personalized. Your Advisor helps you work through all of the major decisions you have make when preparing to apply for post-secondary education.” 

Maracle describes the Albert College community as having a strong support system, noting the personalized time with teachers as being most helpful. “The teachers are always available to provide extra help when you need it. They spend time with you preparing you for tests and going over things you don’t understand.” 

According to Maracle, the biggest identifier when comparing AC to the public-school system was that “the students at Albert College are like minded, they are interested in learning and have a great relationship with each other and with their teachers.”  Maracle also adds, “it is those opportunities that exist at AC; guest speakers, access to explore different fields of study, exposure to international charitable organizations and how to apply those fundraising concepts in our community, that has allowed me to learn about the world outside of school.” 

A big part of the culture at AC are the 5 ‘A’s. Along with Academics, students are required to participate in Athletics, Arts, Adventure and Active Citizenship. “I am not an athletic person but having mandatory athletics has encouraged me to live a more active and healthier lifestyle.” If asked to choose an ‘A’ activity, Maracle will always lean towards an artistic pursuit. “I love the arts! I love visual art, music, I sing in the choir and always get involved in school productions. Performing to a public audience is a great way to show off our collective talents as a student body, but most of all, it is so rewarding to see the joy in the faces of the audience.” 

What Maracle will miss most about the AC community is how positive it is. She feels happy and supported here. “I will miss the community, having lunch with friends in Ackerman Hall and partaking in after school activities, being in the school plays and playing sports with friends. I am going to miss everything about AC.” 

Savana Maracle ’20 recently graduated with Distinction, is an Ontario Scholar, an Albert College Scholar and the recipient of the Albert College Guild Scholarship Award. Savana was the Grad Class President in her graduating year and is going on to pursue a Bachelor of Science at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario. 

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