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June 10, 2020



The challenge:

To work together as a school community to set and reach a healthy living, fitness goal that can be completed from home while our community is in isolation.


Our Aspengrove community is known for its family feel and the connections we have to each other are palpable when you enter the front doors of the school. Those connections are what make us who we are, ASPENGROVE RAVENS. It is very hard to maintain this sense of community when we are in isolation. As I say to my students almost daily, “Just because something is hard, does not mean we shouldn’t do it. Challenge is what helps us grow and makes us stronger!”  

It has now been 6 weeks since we have walked through the doors of the school and we are feeling the distance and it is stretching our resolve. We need to reconnect. 

The Goal:

Working together we are going to complete a virtual “Trek Across Canada”. Not only are the members of the Aspengrove community supportive and caring, we are also talented, out of the box thinkers, risk-takers, and extremely competitive! Here is an opportunity to combine all of these attributes into one task. 

Which house will make it across Canada first? Arbutus, Cedar, Oak?

If you were to check the map of Canada you would see that the trip from Nanaimo to St. John’s Newfoundland is just over 5000 km (as the crow flies). So this seems like a fun number to work with. 

In physical education classes we work on building SMART goals so our goal must be (specific, measurable, realistic and timely). So here goes……….

Our goal is for each house (Arbutus, Cedar and Oak) to surpass 5000 km worth of activity by June 11th. 


We will achieve this by being physically active while practicing social distancing. We will start logging our exercise on Friday, May 1st. This means that your first google form check in will need to be in by Thursday, May 7th.

– every Aspengrove student is eligible to contribute to the distance covered

– every staff member is eligible to contribute to their house totals

– members of the household (parents, grandparents, siblings, partners etc)  are also eligible to contribute if they are active with a student or staff member!

– you must use an Aspengrove school email account to send in your distances (so parents please use your child’s email to participate)

– hiking, swimming, biking, running, walking, scootering, skipping, fitness, etc. all contribute to the distance calculation.

– Calculations: obviously if you know the distance you have covered during a workout you can list that, but if you are working out and you are getting your heart rate up you can count 10 minutes of exercise or fitness training as 1 km covered. For example: if you work out for 30 minutes in your basement you can record 3 km.

– Calculations will start on Friday, May 1st and each week you will record your family distance on a google form that will be sent out via email on Thursday morning. You will record your family fitness from Friday-Thursday each week. 

– To be entered in for the week you must submit the form by 11 pm on Thursday each week. Your first submission will be on Thursday, May 7th and it will include your family’s total number of kilometers covered from May 1st-7th.

– You will send in your family distance (add everyone’s totals together) on Thursday evening and they will be added to the Aspengrove house total.

– Along with your distance we would love to see a picture of you and your family being active so send them along to Mrs. Hutchison 

– An update to the house totals will be sent out by the end of day Friday each week. This will let you know how far your house has travelled and where you are located (approximately) on the map!


The health and safety of our students, while at school, is an integral component of an Aspengrove education. While everyone is engaged in the TdOGL program, we remain committed to providing a supportive environment for student learning.

Parents/guardians of a student(s) participating in the “Trek Across Canada” Community Challenge should be aware that regardless of the method of exercise your child/charge will be engaging to accumulate their minutes of activity there is some level of risk. The School requires that all students utilize proper equipment for each activity and exercise within their capability. Wherever possible, we encourage parents and other family members to participate as well.

The reward!

Well the obvious reward is fun and community involvement, but to add to that, the first house to make it all the way across Canada will win the House Cup!

House captains will cheer their houses along and will present the cup at our first assembly of the year!

If, by chance, the houses surpass the goal we can amend it and see how far around the globe we can go…….could we make it all the way around? Who knows………

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