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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About NOIC Academy (2021)

NOIC Academy alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Jo, Tina had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Jo — alum

Jo attended NOIC Academy as an international student from China. During her time there, she was supported by her patient and kind teachers and felt as though they cared deeply about each student's success. She appreciated how organized and communicative NOIC Academy was and believed it taught her time-management skills. They helped her with her university applications and gave her the information she needed to choose the right school and program for her post-secondary education. Jo has now accepted an offer from the University of Waterloo, where she plans to earn her degree in Mathematics.

  • “I graduated from [NOIC Academy] in the summer of 2021, and I spent around one year with the school taking online courses due to the pandemic. This fall, I'm studying mathematics at the University of Waterloo. It was a great experience to be [a student at NOIC Academy] because it helped me get the best foundation for university. I met many nice teachers and mentors here, and they helped me a lot. I appreciated it for the consistent help and the patience.”
  • “[Staff and teachers at NOIC Academy were] very patient with me, and I appreciated that. It was a great experience at [NOIC Academy], and I enjoyed being a part of this school.”
  • “I haven't been at [NOIC Academy] in Canada because I just finished everything online this year. Although students had to stay at home, I could feel that the school organized everything, which I appreciated. They considered the international time difference: I once thought the lessons would be held late at night, but they began in the morning or evening. I felt comfortable with the schedule the school provided to us.”
  • “[NOIC Academy] provided us with a specific app for lessons and exams, and they were pretty stable and easy to use. It was a great learning tool since it allowed students to review recorded lectures and ensured effective communication between teachers and students. I mentioned the app because when students have to take online classes, it was necessary to make sure that lessons could move on smoothly.”
  • “I feel that this school did their best to minimize the impact of the online study on students. So while I stayed safe at home, I could still receive a high standard of education. Fortunately, [NOIC Academy] thinks ahead and makes everything online well organized. It was a safe and great experience here during this particular time. I really appreciated that.”
  • “Before entering [NOIC Academy], I attended an ordinary high school in Shanghai. Ordinary compared to an international school. So the pace there was quite fast, and everything was quite strict there. Most of the time, students need to rely on themselves because the teachers are usually very busy, so they cannot cover everything. I think in that environment, where the students can be more independent, many problems can be neglected. [At NOIC Academy] I think what makes the difference is the teacher’s patience and their strong sense of responsibility.”
  • “My mentor [at NOIC Academy] would talk to me about my university applications from time to time. She was very professional, and she gave me a lot of useful advice on choosing a university and programs. She also helped me with my resumé. She would give me practical suggestions, and we polished my resumé together. It was a long and tough time making the application, trying to present the best side of myself to different universities, and I felt very worried while waiting for the offers. My mentor was so patient during this time, and in fact, her patience could give me some comfort.”
  • “I think the teachers [at NOIC Academy] are very responsible: they would reply to my email in time and answer my questions in detail. The teachers' assignments were designed according to the student’s learning pace. After each assignment, the teachers would give me helpful comments, so that I could focus on the areas I needed to do better.”
  • “The teachers [at NOIC Academy] impressed me with their earnestness. I think the school differentiates itself by contributing a lot of time, patience, and passion to their students.”
  • “[If NOIC Academy were a person, they would be] responsible, professional, and considerate. Something that impressed me about [NOIC Academy] was the strong sense of responsibility. My mentor would talk to me from time to time about the process of my [universtiy] application, and the credit course teachers would read my assignment carefully and give me some useful suggestions and comments. My mentors knew a lot about applying for universities, and they could provide you with detailed information. The teachers prepared the course materials carefully, and they are very patient in helping students solve their problems.”
  • “Everyone [at NOIC Academy] is very friendly, and they're always ready to support other students. [Teachers] try their best to motivate the students, especially during [university] applications. … I was quite worried and anxious since it was always tough to wait for an offer. Still, my mentor comforted me and gave me a lot of emotional support during this time. … [NOIC Academy], in general, is responsible, professional, and considerate.”
  • “As for my family, since I spent more than 10 years in the Shanghai school system, we were used to seeing students study hard every day while overlooking other aspects. Other families might be surprised that when their children are working [at NOIC Academy], they are not only gaining knowledge from books but are also learning other skills which could help them be fully prepared for university.”
  • “[Students at NOIC Academy] learn time-management skills, since many assignments will have a deadline. It is the student's responsibility to plan how to use their time wisely. Before I attended [NOIC Academy], I barely did this kind of homework. So at first, I did all the work at the last minute. Then I became so stressed, and my assignment was of poor quality. … So after those poor quality assignments, I started to plan ahead, and I made sure that the same mistake wouldn't happen again. Later on, with good time management, I did a much better job in the following assignments. Families will find their children learn to develop effective time-management skills during their time [at NOIC Academy]. Good academic habits will be built there.”

Tina — alum

Tina joined NOIC Academy as an international student from China. She felt her leadership skills improved while there, and she became more ambitious academically. Tina enjoyed the creative and hands-on projects the teachers assigned to the students, making them more memorable and exciting. She felt she could easily express questions and concerns and that critical thinking was encouraged. She is now planning to attend the University of Toronto for her post-secondary education.

  • “I like [NOIC Academy]. ... I'm so thankful to the school because [NOIC Academy] helped me find myself more and helped me become more ambitious. They helped me to find my leadership ability. … Because of the coronavirus period, I only joined the online courses [at NOIC Academy].”
  • “[The] kind of projects at [NOIC Academy] are so interesting. … It's much better than just writing down answers on an exam paper, and after that, I forget everything. That is an example of [NOIC Academy’s] creativity. … When we were doing the online courses, my teacher would always call me and say, ‘you overslept, get up, get up, get up, you need to join your courses.’ I’ll never forget about that.”
  • “[Through the] projects [assigned at NOIC Academy], we learned more from actions instead of writing words, and instead of just having an exam. Sometimes students receive a lot of pressure [to do well on] exams, so they get bad grades. … [At NOIC Academy] we don't have that kind of policy.”
  • “For students at [NOIC Academy], there is still a lot of pressure, but we are given more chances. Compared to my previous school in BC, we have easier courses, like calculus. I think teachers [at NOIC Academy] are of higher quality than from my previous school. … I'm satisfied with it. In my previous school, the teachers were not so responsible sometimes, but [at NOIC Academy the teachers] always sent an email to me, even at midnight [to remind me to finish homework].”
  • “[NOIC Academy has a focus on] responsibility, creative thinking, and critical thinking.”
  • “[At NOIC Academy], we could have critical opinions for everything around us. For example, if I think [one of the teachers] is not doing something properly, I can email our principal, and sometimes they can solve the problem. In a Chinese school, in my previous school, I could not do that.”
  • “For my family, they were surprised about the teaching format [at NOIC Academy], because we started online. They didn’t understand how to gain knowledge from only a computer or a laptop and only do things online. But actually, I got a good result because I received an offer from the University of Toronto.”

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