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Rhonda Ness - Parent   (Jan 30, 2019)

We took our son out of publicFrench immersion because of difficulties with comprehension and anxiety related to attending school. Our son is definitely a fidgety introvert with a love for all things technology, and a requirement for copious physical exercise. He immediately felt at home at North Point. Initially we had concerns with giving students the option to socialize and go outside for recess, or play on the computers. However, the staff listened to our concerns and he now goes out nearly everyday. He is thriving academically, something I doubted would occur at his previous school, and he has found a group of friends whom he loves. He looks forward to everyday at school, and his teachers just seem to get him, and actively encourage him to push himself. This is a school which seems appropriately “laid back” but academically-oriented at once. Love for the outdoors is actively nurtured, with action Friday and surprise “Mountain days”. The boys who attend this school are considerate and sweet-natured, as evidenced by encountering them on a hike near Banff. If I weren’t a parent, I would have written the school to commend them on their students’ behaviour. This is a school for the boy who functions best with a healthy dose of exercise, and is able to work independently with some helpful encouragement from a teacher. The staff appear committed to bringing out potential. And they are easily approachable, and pretty funny! Lastly, I nearly broke down in tears, when on his last report card, I read “he is a model student”. Words I thought would never apply to my quirky boy!

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