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Topic: Academics

Leanne Getty - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

I am very happy with the academic program at OCS. They meet and often exceed the public school system curriculum. They have an enrichment program for any child who requires to be challenged at a higher level. Just through word-of-mouth, I have heard that high schools love to have OCS students come through their doors as they are typically well-prepared for high school. There is homework but so far, very manageable. From my experience, the school is very strong academically. Some children who come from the public school system have to catch up. I have not seen any academic weaknesses in my experience at the school. The culture is faith-based, specifically Christian. Some of the learning is done with a strong Biblical influence - memorizing scripture, using Bible stories to learn about character building, etc.

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Kathleen Wilson - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

The academics at Oakville Christian School are wonderful. The students are challenged and encouraged to go above and beyond in every aspect of their learning. The curriculum is engaging, fun and interesting to the child while also being challenging. From a very young age the students are taught to do independent research. They learn how to take notes, summarize information into their own words and create reports. They create presentations and display boards on their topics. Each year the requirements for these types of projects are built upon. They learn how to independently dive deeper into the subject and to share this information with their peers in a meaningful way. One aspect of the academics that I really appreciate is the opportunity to go further in the study of a subject if the child has mastered an area. For example, in math class if a child shows they have mastered the subject material at the beginning of a unit they are given an opportunity to work on other math work instead. This allows the child to develop more fully and eliminates the chance of them becoming bored with a particular subject. There is also an opportunity for students excel in academics through activities such as math and speech competitions and the senior level science fair. Teachers work closely with students to encourage and support these academic challenges. I believe that the academics that my children have received at Oakville Christian School will adequately prepare them for high school and beyond.

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Michelle Pratt - Parent   (Mar 10, 2018)

From PK on the school focuses on providing a christian based academic learning environment. The school is great at ensuring the academics are a focus while while still making the learning fun with projects, choices and cluster groups to focus on hands on activities. So far the teachers that we have had at OCS have been fantastic and the kids always surprise me with the things that they are learning. I feel that my children will be ready for whatever lies ahead of them based on the academic foundation that they are getting at OCS.

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Charlotte Jeneway - Parent   (Feb 28, 2018)

The academic program at Oakville Christian School is excellent. The children throughout the school have the opportunity to learn with a curriculum that far exceeds the public school curriculum. This is achieved with specialized teachers in French, Music, Arts and Gym, and in the older grades rotary staff for all subjects. Right from the start teachers take into consideration the different learning styles, abilities and interests of the students in their class, something that is possible because of the smaller class sizes. Children are encouraged to be independent in their learning and to show this in many creative ways throughout the year. They are taught how to research topics and present to their class and teachers in a positive way. As the children move through the school these presentations go from small dioramas, speeches and on to major science experiments taking the older students on to provincial wide competitions showcasing their learning and their enjoyment in their subject matter. Homework is carefully monitored and workloads are never too much. Differentiation is evident in the class. For the child that excels there are unit pre tests to see their level of understanding and from that a child can be given work that extends their learning and allows them to learn deeper, with out the risk of boredom or lack of enjoyment in being held back. My son who is now in high school came away from OCS with great study skills and a love of learning that is allowing him to flourish and excel in high school.

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Michelle Dias - Parent   (May 02, 2018)

OCS has a high academic standard rounded out with a good athletic program and a significant art focus. Our sense is that they are quite intentional to have this balanced program. Our kids have done well. Each are learning at a good pace and we're especially happy because they seem to be developing a love for learning. We think OCS has a solid math and language program. I'm especially impressed with the Science program in the senior grades. I like how in the Social Sciences the research process is developed in the younger grades and built on each year. Our children are not overwhelmed by longer and more involved projects as they have learned how to time manage and break the project into smaller tasks. To this day they will fondly remember a project that they did back in grade 2 or 4 or another grade.

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Natasha Fernandes - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

Oakville Christian School strives to maintain a higher academic standard. The programs are well-rounded in that in addition to academics, the school focuses heavily on sports and the arts. There are academic fairs, sports competitions and arts performances each year where the children get to develop their full skill set. My experience is that it is a balanced program. There is also additional focus on math and language with additional contests and competitions available for those children who want to push for higher levels. From the earlier grades my children were taught how to do independent research and time management. In all subjects, the school cultivates an atmosphere and culture for the students to be lovingly nurtured to build a strong christian character. I believe my children will have a strong foundation to excel in future academics and in life.

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