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Leanne Getty - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

There are approximately 250 students which is small enough to feel like a close community. There are programs that combine older students with younger students (reading buddies, cluster work, etc.) which is a great opportunity for all ages to work together towards a common goal. For the past two years, the school has been split into 4 houses with older students as captains. This has encouraged friendly competitions and I see students of all ages really working together. All students are strongly encouraged to use the teachings of the Bible to guide their behaviour. The general atmosphere is fun, lively and loving. My experience with the students has been very positive. As a volunteer with the PTA, I have been able to witness many events with all students and they have been a lot of fun to be with - it what makes my volunteer time so worth it.

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Charlotte Jeneway - Parent   (Feb 28, 2018)

The student body at Oakville Christian School is approximately 250. The school is of a size where students in all grades are known by all staff. The students are placed into "Houses" when they join and this encourages a healthy competition between the students. Each house has children from every grade and there are activities and events throughout the year which strengthen this link between all the ages. For example, a Mini Olympics held in the summer, run by the Grade 6's for the Kindergarten to Grade 5's to participate in as well as holding fundraising activities for the charity of their choice. There are also weekly intramural events where all children in their houses are encouraged to come out and take part or cheer on their team. It is not just sport where the student body interacts. The younger years have reading buddies who come in once a week to read with them. This interaction during the school day is evident in the playground and in the halls, where children will say hello and open doors for fellow students and adults. There is a strong respect for each other and this can be seen in the thoughtfulness that the children show to each other, during classes, school trips and weekly chapels. When children graduate they are welcomed back do school to help with sports and events, the younger children enjoy seeing them return to school and I think it says a lot about a school if your graduates like to come back and help out where they can.

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Kathleen Wilson - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

There are approximately two hundred and fifty students at Oakville Christian School. The size of the school allows the students to get to know one another and become friends with more than the children within their own classroom. There is a lot of school spirit amongst the students at the school. They enjoy cheering their fellow students on at sporting and house competitions. One thing that really stands out to me about the students at Oakville Christian School is their respect for one another. It is not uncommon to see an older student helping a younger student in the school yard or in the hall way. The students treat the adults that come into the school with respect and care as well. If you walk through the halls at OCS students will greet you with a polite and cheerful hello and will hold the door and allow you to enter before they do. There is a sense of community and pride that goes along with being a student at Oakville Christian School. The students love their school and are proud to attend it. When they are out in the community on field trips or sporting competition they work very hard to represent the school in a positive way. Showing respect and thoughtfulness are values that are part of the daily life at Oakville Christian School. Weekly chapels with guest speakers and worship music allow the children to gather as a student body to express their faith. Together they sing, pray and listen to Christian teaching. Their enthusiasm and school spirit are able to shine at these chapels where they learn value and grow in their faith.

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Michelle Pratt - Parent   (Mar 10, 2018)

The students are great and the size of the school is nice. Most classes are not more than 24 students with a couple larger and a couple smaller depending on the year. The different grades interact with each other in many different ways. My JK child has friends on the playground in Grade JK-Grade 2. They interact with students of all grade levels through the year by doing different activities (Christmas Concert, House Competitions, etc). The older students are given responsibilities that allow them to set good examples for the younger students to look up and learn from behaviors. I am very impressed with the strong Christian values displayed by so many of the student body.

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Michelle Dias - Parent   (May 02, 2018)

OCS has a great student body. I love the diversity and personality represented. I think the tone is generally one of acceptance. On many occasions I have heard parents' of new students reflect that their child felt welcomed and transitioned easily. Our own kids have each formed some strong friendships. I expect that it happens to some extent, but I don't hear of cliques and of kids being excluded. The kids are typical kids and there are still conflict and issues, however, the issues seem to be once in awhile, short lived, and quickly forgotten. The culture encourages students to work out their differences towards getting along. I feel that the students are more often very supportive of one another: looking out for younger students, helping a friend who is hurt at recess, or celebrating another students victory.

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Natasha Fernandes - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

The school has approximately 250 students which creates an interactive environment as the children know mostly everyone in the school. In the past couple years, the creation of 'houses' has created an environment for the kids to be part of large group within the school where they have friendly competitions which foster leadership, interaction skills, communication skills and overall encourage the children to work together in a Christ-like manner. The school has weekly chapels where the school community has a chance to connect under some time of worship and teaching. Their enthusiasm shines through in these times, when they get to enjoy their time together as a school body. There are also opportunities where the older children help the younger children with reading and other academics. Overall, as with any school, of course there are challenges where all of the kids do not interact well together, but in the end, the children and the way they treat each other is something the staff/teachers at the school aim to teach - that we should all 'show love to our neighbors'.

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