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Mississauga, ON  |  Grades 11 - 12  |  Shortlist


Review by: Sumairaa Mulla - Alumnus (Mar 17, 2021)

"The online platform was easy to use, organized and most importantly - engaging."

Overall Experience

Ontario Online Schools Network was an incredible platform with incredible teachers. As a student who has transitioned from high school to university in the middle of a pandemic, this school provided me with many transferable skills that aided me in excelling in my current studies. From academic skills like the many creative ways to complete online assignments, and even how to keep track of, and excel all types of assessments, Ontario Online Schools Network provided me with it all. The online platform was easy to use, organized and most importantly - engaging. I was enrolled in three courses, and each course was taught in a variety of ways, keeping me interested and intrigued throughout the learning process. Having smaller class sizes was an added benefit, as the teachers were even more involved and committed to the success of my education.

School Leadership

I believe the most important aspect to learning is communication. Ontario Online Schools network made it possible to directly contact your teachers and receive responses instantaneously. Despite being online there was still that necessary teacher-student relation that all schools require. The teachers were kind and prompt in answering questions, and the respect was evident in their responses. This school also created a very safe learning environment for all students, where all students and parents practiced respect. There were no instances of disciplinary issues, but I was assured that I could always contact my teachers and the administration if there were any issues.


I was extremely happy with the quality of my education at this school. As mentioned earlier, there was effective communication with the students and teachers, and the platform the school used is what made that communication so accessible and efficient. The dynamic varied between teachers, but there was always a general understanding of respect, the teachers were there to help you, and they would prove that in their actions. All my teachers were well-versed in the subjects they were teaching, and passionate about the course, the different activities were proof of that. Mr. Maveneka was one of my teachers who was very passionate about the subjects he taught, and taught me many ways to tackle different kinds of assignments that I still use as a guide today.


The classes being conducted asynchronously was one of the many strengths of this school. Because of this I learnt the value of time-management and online organization, which came in handy for my first year at university. My classmates and I were far from competitive, as we all attended our classes when it was convenient for us. The app that was used for this class was another strength that I hadn’t appreciated until this year. The class was organized in a way that made it possible to know exactly what something needed to be done, and when. My university classes that are also conducted online this year are not as easily accessible or organized as Ontario Online Schools Network. After comparing the two online classes, I developed a deeper appreciation for the app Ontario Online Schools Network uses.

School Life

One of the most attractive feature of this school was the smaller class sizes. I was able to effortlessly contact my teachers and my classmates if I was ever confused or in need of help. Having smaller class sizes meant easier communication and a deeper understanding with the teachers. If school ever became overwhelming, I could easily consult my teacher about it, and work around that. I never felt stressed while attending my classes here, I was always aware that if I ever did feel stressed, my teachers would be there to help me. I also believe the students were extremely passionate in my classes, the discussion boards were always active with comments about the previous lessons, and was always full of encouraging comments from teachers and students.


The admission process was seamless and does not require much effort at all. All that I really had to do was go on the website, decide what classes I wanted to attend, and “checkout”. I was able to attend my classes quickly after applying, and I was immediately contacted by Ontario Online Schools Network when I did apply. The app that the school conducts classes on is organized as well, as mentioned earlier. When I first began attending I received a ‘tutorial’ of sorts on how to use the app and what each feature meant, which was extremely helpful in understanding how to contact my teachers and access the asynchronous classes. The application process was never stressful, and as I mentioned before, I was immediately contacted by the admissions officer, which made the process much easier, if I had any questions I would receive quick responses, so I was never worried.

University placement and counselling

There were three steps to my university application process. Having attended Ontario Online Schools Network from grade 11 to grade 12, I was fortunate enough to have teachers that were there throughout the entire process. In grade 11, I began worrying about what I wanted to study, and what the university application process would be like. My teachers contacted me, and helped breakdown the process for me. Together we decided what classes I was required to take in grade 12. When the application season came around, my teachers were there advising me on what programs would be the best choice, what each university had to offer, and what I should prioritize when making my decision. It was thanks to the Ontario Online Schools Network that I was accepted into all 6 programs that I had applied to. I currently attend the University of Toronto, and this school helped me get here.

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