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Review of: Ontario Online Schools Network

Natalie Sahadeo - Alumnus    (Aug 07, 2020)

Overall Experience

Ontario Online schools has been a great straightforward and engaging online learning experience. I loved how the entire course was available from the start, and I had the freedom to complete the course at my own pace while meeting assignment deadlines. The educational content was very well done. I joined Ontario Online schools to help boost my grade from a course I have taken in public school, and with getting a better grade it helped me get into my desired post-secondary program. The teachers were always willing to answer questions, and always answered them in a reasonable amount of time. Assignments, and quizzes were never difficult to do as the course content prepares you very well for them.

School Leadership

The administration were very welcoming, and friendly. From the beginning when I was deciding on joining they weren't pushy or rude. They answered all questions kindly, and always insisted to reach out if I had anymore questions to be answered. It created a positive environment for me. As a student, I felt very respected by the staff. When I was having technical difficulties operating the modules I was assisted through every step at a great pace, and they were very patient the entire time.


I loved how the modules were engaging, and had all the information I needed to know for the assignments. I felt the teachers loved the subjects they were teaching, especially when I reached out to ask a question. They gave great feedback on my assignments, and returned my assignment before I had to submit another assignment so it gave me the time to really take that feedback into consideration. I felt the teacher had a very great impact on my academic development as I truly learned the content much better than I did compared to when i took the same subject in public school. You can see the effort the teacher puts into the lessons, and its great because it made it so much easier to learn and really engaged.


They offer a great variety of programs. I've taken the English course and it has been a great experience for me. The atmosphere of the school was positive, and productive. I did not expect anything different as I did join the school to complete a course, and the Ontario Online School made it simple for me to do just that. I feel like I was supported academically, and it was a fair challenge with the coursework, but nothing I wasnt able to do since the course prepares you well for the assignments. The English course has definitely made post-secondary life easier as one of the writing courses I have taken in college was very easy for me since the English course had prepared me very well.


No extracurriculars were available or offered since it is an online school. However there was group discussions every now and then in the course. There wasnt any opportunities to participate in just for fun but there is meaningful development outside of just learning the content.


As this is an online school, all student intereactions were online. Nothing really stood out to me about any student intereaction. There was no student body atmosphere. However they focused a lot on the individual student themselves and the best experiance they can provide them. Everyone I know who signed up for online school is focused on teaching themselves the material, and just getting their credit without any other distractions. They aren't there to socialize and trying to interact with people they do not know, especially on the internet. I think Ontario Online Schools is doing great by making things sweet, and simple without forcing unneccessary communication between the students who enroll.

School Location

The school location is great since its online. By being online I can easily access it anywhere, on any device with a decent internet connection. Was always able to access the content basically anywhere. The convenience of this school has been incredible, and it was easy to attend as I never had to travel far for it, and was able to balance other things in my life such as work, public school, sports practices, and other things since it was all at my convenience. This best part of this school is that it was just a school and it wasnt trying to throw so many extra things at me. I just had to login, and complete my work. The simplicity of it is what I really enjoyed.

School Life

I enjoyed Ontario Online School a lot even surprisingly due to it being online. The school has helped me get into my desired post-secondary program. They could improve the quality of life by building an online student community. I cannot speak on behalf of other students who have taken a course at Ontario Online Schools since I did not interact with that many students. Though they provided a great academic learning environment by allowing their website to work on many different devices, and the site worked very smoothly. I rarely experienced any lagging on the site or technical difficulties which was great. Made my learning experience less stressful, and so much easier.


I don't feel there is any community around Ontario Online Schools, and I believe maybe its due to them only existing as of this year. I think the school is great on its own without a community, but they could definitely build on it by providing resources that could definitely help foster a community if thats what their goal was. For myself, I was just there to learn, do my school work, and get my credit. I wasn't there for anything else, so to me a community isnt neccessary for an online learning experiance. I appreciate that I didnt have to focus on all these other things.


Applying is a very easy task. Just enroll in the course you want, and if they didnt have it there was an option to request a course, and they will definitely do everything they can to make that course available for you. The application process was very straightforward. They do ask for your OEN number so make sure you have that at hand. And since it is a private school there is a fee to pay. I had to pay $500 for my course. I think it was fairly priced, and what I got out of it made it worth every single penny I paid. The admission staff got back to me very quickly with my login info after I applied. Since you are paying for the course there is no waiting to see if you get approved to enroll.

University placement and counselling

They did fairly well with university counselling. I did reach out to get advice from my teacher and I was very supported on my decisions. They are more than happy to give you the counselling you need, which was very much appreciated. They also helped with supporting us throughout the entire semester with reminders, and emails which was very appreciated. Very motivating to give it your all on assignments so you can do your best on them. At the end of it I got a much better grade than I got in public school, and I thank them for making learning much more engaging, and actually teaching me things that are helping me out in my post-secondary life.

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