"...even though this is an online school, I was able to engage and complete assignments with other students."

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Review of: Ontario Online Schools Network

Amrita La Rose - Alumnus    (Aug 10, 2020)

Overall Experience

I am extremely fortunate that I found an online school that caters for their students' academic needs and goals. Ontario Online Schools is a great school that offers a variety of grade 11 and 12 courses. I was in the Social Studies and the Humanities, Equity and Social Justice: From Theory To Practice course. I enjoyed each lesson. It is evident that my teachers created each lesson to ensure that they were engaging, captivating, and met the Ontario Curriculum. I never had any issues communicating with my teacher or principal. The facilitators at OOS are kind individuals that were always willing to help me when I needed any clarification on assignments or needed extended due dates. Even if I had a question for my teacher or principal during the evening, I would receive a speedy response either the same evening or early next day. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that is placed into the OOS. After completing a course at this school, I feel one step closer to achieving my overall academic goals. Without a doubt, the Ontario Online Schools created a welcoming community for me to learn in and played a role in my grade 12 academic success.

School Leadership

The administration team at this school was always extremely nice and understanding whenever I spoke to them. If my teacher noticed a lack of participation or completion of assignments, my teacher always reached out and made sure I was doing well. I felt that I was well-respected at this school. Admin always ensured that during group discussions, students were being respectful to each other. This school welcomes students from all walks of life and ensures that every student is treated equally. I appreciate the leadership this school has.


The quality of instruction was great. The lessons in my course were engaging and made me want to learn more. The course materials are up to date and tackle relevant issues that are currently happening around the world. For example, one memorable assignment was creating a manifesto for change. The purpose of this assignment was to create a manifesto for change within your community and later on create a small initiative related to the manifesto. This assignment helped me realize the injustices that are occurring in my community and ways to address these injustices. This assignment was extremely fun to complete. The assignments in my course were not repetitive, which I really enjoyed. I enjoy the fact that even though this is an online school, I was able to engage and complete assignments with other students.


Every student had their own academic goals while attending Ontario Online Schools. From the first day of classes, OOS made it very clear that they will not tolerate any bullying, discrimination or plagiarism within the school. The rules and expectations were made clear which allowed for a safe learning environment. With the learning platform used, I was able to connect with other students in the same course as me. The other students in my class were very kind and were not competitive. This allowed for both students and teachers to work well with each other. I feel the academic program at Ontario Online Schools did help prepare me for my life's next step. I was challenged to think outside of the box and I was supported academically.


Even though Ontario Online Schools is an online school, many of the lessons and assignments sparked an interest and encouraged me to become an agent of change within my community. I created a school wide project as a result of an assignment given in my course. Not all assignments completed was marked. There was a balance of having fun and opportunities to engage in discussion groups.


Ontario Online Schools accepts students from all walks of life. I never once felt like an outsider. Regardless of my gender, race, or ethnic background, I always felt welcomed. As a whole, the students that attend OOS are respectful and polite towards to each other. I was able to communicate with other students without a sense of competitiveness or hostility. I had no difficulty when I had to complete group projects or engage in group discussions. Every student at OOS is eager and willing to learn. Not only do the teachers ensure that students goals are met, but students help as well. I have created friendships with some of my fellow classmates and we are still in contact to this day, even after completing my course.

School Location

Ontario Online Schools is an online school. However, I was able to access all my work online. The platform that the OOS uses, is called Moodle. Moodle is accessible on my phone and laptop. The platform is compatible with a variety of devices. I liked that if I did not have access to my laptop, I can still complete my work on my phone.

School Life

I enjoyed going to OOS. It did not feel like a daunting task having to log online and complete any assignments. I felt very welcomed at the Ontario Online Schools. I think the Moodle platform contributed to why I really enjoyed attending class. I could access Moodle on different types of devices. I was also able to complete assignments on my phone. The other students that I talked to were also very engaged within the school. Having kind and caring teachers, created an engaging and welcoming environment to learn in. Teachers really showed that they cared about their students and this helped ease the stress on myself and both my fellow peers. I believe that Ontario Online Schools is doing a great job in aiding students to achieve their academic success.


After meeting students and talking with them at Ontario Online Schools I was a part of a new community. I have created long lasting friendships with some students that I met at the school. Since leaving the school, I still remain in contact with them. From first enrolling into the school, admin made it clear that Ontario Online Schools is a safe place. Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated. If any issues arose between two students, it was dealt with. Parents are welcomed to be involved in the life of the school. Ontario Online Schools is a very welcoming community. What stands out to me about the broader community at Ontario Online Schools is even though it is an online school, the community felt like my school community.


The Ontario Online Schools has a variety of grade 11 and grade 12 courses. The courses range from open, to university and mixed classes. The list of some courses offered are listed on the schools website. If a course you are looking for isn't listed, you can contact the schools principal and you will be assisted. What I recall from my own experience within the application is it was an easy process. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. If there were any issues that occurred, the principal handled it in a kind and in a timely manner. I was relieved that the application process was not stressful and took a long time. This helped me have a smooth transition into the Ontario Online Schools.

University placement and counselling

Entering into this school I was still unsure about the path I wanted to take after high school. I was interested in different programs but I was still unsure. I am grateful that the lessons were related to real life issues that are currently happening around the world. Due to the fact that the lessons were engaging, I found a new interest to pursue in university. The teachers and admin at the Ontario Online Schools dedicated time to answer any questions that I had regarding university. Based on the submissions of my assignments and my interests, my teachers helped lead me down a path of success. I believe that I was given appropriate guidance and this helped me become successful in my first-choice post-secondary programs.

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